Thursday, 10 December 2015

Betty Bang

Well today's instalment of the fastest growing blog on the internet is with the amazing and sexy Betty Bang!!

This 34 year old sexy minx with the measurements 36DD - 37 - 47 has been looking forward to this interview almost as much as I have so here it is for you kinky pervs to enjoy 

JJ: Well hello Betty. I know you've been real busy really so I'm really glad we found some time to do the interview. 

How did you start off in the industry? 

Betty: I been in the adult industry since the age of 18 . Dance in adult night clubs most of my life with a few breaks here and there . Always wanted to do porn since the age of nine when I found my parents dirty mag. I just love the way the woman look big boobs make up

JJ: so really you're living your dream then. That's awesome. 

What's the best thing about it for you? 

Betty: The best thing about being in the adult industry is the freedom it gives you  and the joy of running your own biz

JJ: Well that's something a lot of people wish they could do that. Hence why I run this blog haha. 

What do you find to be the worst thing about it all though? 

Betty: The worst thing would be being stereotype of being an unfit mother or an abused lost child, or a drug addict. It's so annoying people's misconceptions of people in the industry

JJ: Yeah, that's part of the reason I started the blog. To give people a better insight within the industry. 

So have you got any funny stories about working? 

Betty: It is always fun when I am on set . I guess watching the camera guy try to control us. Laughing at moments that you are suppose to be serious. Sets are always fun for me. I just love it. I guess when I was filming for my own website trying to re act bubbles coming out of my asshole with real bubbles. Than learned it was cum not bubbles in the gif ,Not good at all !

JJ: we've all been there hahaha

What are you up to work wise at the moment? 

Betty: I mostly cam . I really want to hit high numbers in 2016 . I am working hard on building my website and clip store . Trying to get into many scenes as possible and building my fan base !

JJ: Well I'm positive you'll get even bigger numbers on 2016. 15 thousand followers on Twitter is a good start. 

Where can all this pervs find you online then? 

Betty: You can find me on and streammate under bettybangxxx. As well as finding me on Twitter @bettybangxxx and Instagram @bettybangx and at my website

JJ: plenty of places for people to find you then. I've no doubt you'll pic up a lot more fans in the near future. 

Well the killer question for a lot of the blogs fans is what is the best thing about sex? 

Betty: The best thing about sex is cumming of course

JJ: Who can argue with that haha 

What's your favourite piece of work? 

Betty: My favorite would be my first scene in plumper pass . It was the first time i shot for a big company after taking a year or so break from bettybang. I got to bring out the real me. Plus I shot with two other amazing performers Mazzaratie Monica  and Marcy Diamond.  Plumper Pass agreed we ended up on the dvd cover. 

JJ: Well having seen that I can confirm its as good to watch as I'm sure it was to film haha

Where do you like to go on holiday? 

Betty: it would have be home. In Miami I have many traditions with my family and enjoy the holidays

JJ: That's the first time home has been someone holiday destination of choice hehe. 

What's the one thing people would guess about you by looking at you? 

Betty: people would never guess this but I love couponing! 

JJ: You're right I'd have never guessed that. Haha 

What would you consider your biggest achievement? 

Betty: My biggest achievement in life would be always getting back up no matter how hard I fall. In business I never give up no matter how long it takes me to achieve a goal. 

JJ: You certainly appear to be a very driven woman. I doubt much would faze you. 

What's been the biggest thing to overcome? 

Betty: The most challenging thing I have overcome is being independent. it's a lot harder than you could ever imagine

JJ: I find the hard work is usually worth it though. 

So you've got a lot of fans, what's the nicest thing any of them have done for you? 

Betty: The best thing a fan has ever done for me was to fly me and my girl to Vegas. It wasn't to go have have sex it was just so I could have a vacation. 

JJ: The fan stories are always a good part of the interview. Always makes me smile that people care so much. 

So how many scenes do you think you've done in your career so far? 

Betty: Truthfully I don't know how many scenes I have done . Porn is not like before most people work independently now but it's over 15. 

JJ: *Checks the collection .... Looks like I'm missing a few haha 

Who do you like working with the most? 

Betty: There are so many girls i love working with but i have to say virgoperidot. 

JJ: She is a very very sexy woman. Maybe we'll get her on Inside the Porn in the future let people see just how sexy she is. 

So what do you think you'll do when you leave the industry? 

Betty:  I don't know if I will ever completely leave the industry but most likely something with fitness. 

JJ: and the last question how will you be spending Christmas this year?

Betty: I am going to be spending Chriatmas with family and friends 

JJ: As you should on Christmas 

Thank you so much for the interview Betty. Certainly been a pleasure interviewing someone whose work I've enjoyed. 

Hope all you guys find Betty at her website or her social media accounts. You won't be disappointed. 

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