Friday, 18 December 2015

Casey Curvaceous

Christmas is getting closer and I've got another Christmas Cracker for you.

This 25 year old stunner with an massive 36I Chest is aching to let you guys find out a bit more about her. She is one of Twitters hidden gems. So here she is Casey Curvaceous

JJ: Hi Casey, Welcome to Inside the Porn. It's lovely to have you here. Thanks for taking the time as I know Christmas is a very busy time for you.

How did you get into the industry Hun?

Casey: I first started off just doing fetish content, just basic modelling then someone offered me a lot of money to do an open leg shoot. I thought about it for a while and well yeah here I am now

JJ: Well you never know where life takes you unless you take a risk really

What's been the best thing about being in the industry?

Casey: Honestly it's my fans. I swear when I'm having a bad day or something isn't going right, they are always there to pick me up.

JJ: It's nice that you feel close to your fans like that, I know some people like to try and keep a little distance from them but you seem to have embraced them....Lucky them

And what has been the worst part of being in the industry?

Casey: Worst thing for me is Vagina chaffing...seriously some days I'll do so much toy action that I get a sore vagina. It's painful.

JJ: That was not the answer I was expecting haha. But I guess it makes sense

Have you got any funny stories from working?

Casey: Funniest thing to happen was once I did a shoot for Real Punting and the guy couldn't get he took some little blue pills, however a few hours later he had a flight to Dubai. He had to make the journey with a boner!!

JJ: That's one uncomfortable journey to have to make...although not all bad as he'd just fucked you

So work wise what are you doing at the moment?

Casey: Right now I'm just a Cam Girl. Mainly I don't escort as I have a partner but we do on occasion visit swingers bars etc and I perform there as he has a kinky streak.

JJ: Well well well who would have thought it ...kinky bugger

And where can people find you?

Casey: Well I'm on Adultwork at or on Cam4 depending on the time zone and obviously I'm on Twitter too @curvycaseydk. I had my original account suspended so I would appreciate people dropping by to add follow me again as I'm getting lonely haha

JJ: What do you think is the best thing about sex?

Casey: It really all depends on my mood. Some days the slightest movement is amazing other times I'm big into oral. It's just whatever I'm into at that moment in time.

JJ: And as I'm a film buff and everyone gets this question...what's your favourite film?

Casey: 50 First Dates, I bloody love that film

JJ: One of Adam Sandler's funnier films for sure.

And where is your favourite place to go on holiday?

Casey: My favourite holiday place by far is Rio and I'm wanting to go to Bali soon.

JJ: Rio I love...Bali I've not been to but a friend of mine went on his honeymoon there last year and he loved it.

What is your biggest achievement so far in wither work of life?

Casey: My biggest achievement is adapting to life in a new country and learning a new language. For me that's a real big deal.

JJ: I imagine it's not an easy thing to do. I've had to work abroad now and again but never for more than a couple months.

What are some of the challenges you've had to overcome in the industry?

Casey: Most challenging thing I've had to overcome is the stigma that plus size girls get from the industry. Again for me it's been a hard road to self love and acceptance as a lot of people in the industry have this idea that once you're past a size 12 you're no good. I'm slowly proving people wrong.

JJ: I have to say as well though there are a lot of great BBW companies out there that would love you I'm sure.

What's the best thing a fan has ever done for you?

Casey: hmmmmm one guy did pay for me and my girls to go to a spa island in Rio. That was insane.

JJ: That fan obviously loves you haha

Who would you like to work with in the industry?

Casey: I have a few. Lilly Madison is hilarious and I'd love to work with her and Eliza Allure she is a babe too!!

JJ: Two amazing women I have to agree and Eliza Allure will be doing an interview for us here soon too.

Sometime you hear some crazy rumours in the industry. What are the weirdest ones you've heard about yourself?

Casey: Oh God there are a few. Apparently I have a Dick (I don't count the strap on collection as having a dick) and apparently I have screwed my Dad which obviously I haven't done that and there's also a rumour that I'm not a real performer and I'm fake, there is nothing fake about me . I hear dumb shit all the time and I'm like "oh that's nice honey, run along and fetch me my dildo". There's a ton of bullshit in the industry but a ton of good things too.

JJ: Some people live in a dream world for sure. What do you think you'll do when you leave the industry?

Casey: Well the long term plan is to open my business in Denmark. So I guess once my shelf life is over in the industry I'll work on developing that.

JJ: Finally babe, how are you spending Christmas this year?

Casey: My Christmas is being spent with my boyfriend's family  and maybe a long spa session too.

JJ: Perfection!! Well thank you for being her with me today and taking the time out for the interview.. Have a great Christmas babe and have fun

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