Friday, 4 December 2015

Farrah Mills


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So today I'm spoiling you with the amazing Farrah Mills. This TS beauty is as big as they come in porn, she's now retired but still is around camming so guys here's the interview. Enjoy

JJ: Hi Farrah. I have to say thank you for letting me interview you. I've been a fan of your work and having you here is an honour. 

So let's get down to it (I mean the interview) 😜

What brought you into the adult industry. How did you get into it? 

Farrah: I actually got into the industry to boost my escorting work to pay for surgeries it's the only reason I did it, I had no idea that even to this day I would still get people telling me they have seen one of my films lol

JJ: I'm not surprised. You were one of the most sought after performers for a while. 

What did you love most about the working? 

Farrah:  I guess winning international transsexual of the year 2008 that was very enjoyable. 

JJ: That's a big honour. Lots of competition for that and you won it hands down in my opinion. 

What were the worst things about working then? If there were any? 

Farrah: I'm a private person so I never got used to having people watch me doing scenes, believe it or not 

JJ: You see this is why we do the blog as I guarantee people who watched you would never think for a second you'd feel like that

So have you had anything weird or funny happen whilst working ?

Farrah: Believe it or not having to try and concentrate and do a cum scene with someone's dog on set!

JJ: That's one of the weirdest ones I've heard during doing these interview haha. 

So I know you've retired from porn now but what are you doing nowadays? 

Farrah: These days I still escort and  do cam modelling, photo modelling and singing and you can find out more on or you can see me on Instagram at @farrahmills2013 or my Twitter @farrahmills

And if people wanna see my old porn work just google my name. You'll find lots of it 

JJ: I'm sure a lot of these pervs reading will be looking you up now 😜
So what's the best part about sex for you? 

Farrah: This is hard question to answer.... I'd take making love over sex everytime

JJ: What film is your favourite, what can you watch over and over again? 

Farrah: Alien, definitely I've seen it hundreds of times

JJ: Good choice. I love Alien but maybe prefer Aliens which is another classic. 

And what's your idea of the perfect holiday?

Farrah: Anything all inclusive where I can do nothing is perfect. 

JJ: So, Farrah tell me something about yourself I wouldn't have been able to guess from looking at you? 

Farrah: I'm quite a shy person not good in big crowds of people at all

JJ: I'd imagine with all the parties you get asked to that must be a problem. Nothing a drink wouldn't help with haha 

So what do you consider your biggest achievement in life? 

Farrah: My biggest achievement is what you see before you. Becoming who I am today is what I consider my biggest achievement 

JJ: I'm sure there were many hurdles in becoming the true you. What do you consider the biggest hurdles? 

Farrah: Definitely my transition, it's a life long thing you grow each day like everything it takes work, love and time

JJ: Finally Farrah, what's the nicest thing a fan has ever done for you? 

Farrah: Mmmm anyone who ever takes the time to send me a compliment or tell me I have helped them in  someway is really amazing and a great mood elevator

JJ: Love that answer 

Farrah thank you so much for taking the time out to do this interview I know you're extremely busy. Hopefully your fans will appreciate getting to see a bit more of a personal side of you. 

Have a great Christmas and don't work too hard

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