Thursday, 17 December 2015

Kimmie Kaboom

This is an extra special interview. In preparation for the upcoming BBW Con in July 2016 in Las Vegas I am interviewing one of the hottest properties in the BBW world at the moment she was 2015's BIGGIE Award winner for Newcomer of the year, and Best Boobs of the year and that is the one and only Kimmie Kaboom with her 42H tits I'm going to struggle to focus.

This amazing woman with a stellar career which includes writing her column for KINK-E magazine, as well as filming all the filth you guys love takes time to be interviewed for your pleasure.

She is a possibly one of the nicest people I've had the pleasure to interview and her husband just as awesome. They make a hell of a team and we should all be thankful that he is because without Darrell we wouldn't be enjoying Kimmie Kaboom.

So sit back and enjoy

JJ: Hi Kimmie, I'm over the moon to get the chance to interview you as I've been a fan so it's almost too good to be true to have you on the blog.

Kimmie: Thanks but I don't see myself in that way, I'm a down to earth girl who likes to give people what they want to see.

JJ: So 2015 was a big year, you come into the industry and win 2 big awards right off the bat. How did you get into the industry?

Kimmie: Well I'd done some pin-up/burlesque modelling work originally, then Darrell (Kimmie's Husband) sent some pictures out to see if there was interest in me. Score were interested and before I knew it I was shooting some stuff. It's been like a rollercoaster and we're riding it through all the loops and dips and enjoying the ride.

JJ: Did winning the awards at the BIGGIES help you get more work?

Kimmie: Oh definitely, it certainly raised the interest in me and it was great and gave me the opportunity to work with Rodney Moore which was great, he's such an icon in the industry and what he does is amazing. He can do Phenomenal things and he's extremely talented at what he does.

JJ: It's always good to get to work with people you admire.

BBWcon 2015 was your first expo you attended, do you remember how it felt?

Kimmie: I sure do, I remember we were bot nervous as we didn't now what to expect, I was nominated in 5 categories which is something I didn't expect so it felt strange. Our guard was up a little I guess as it was such a new experience for us.

JJ: Did you do many of the after parties? Are you a big party animal?

Kimmie: To be honest we didn't do too much partying, we aren't the biggest party animals.

JJ: So you've been around a couple years now. Who is your favourite person to work with?

Kimmie: I've worked with so many great guys and girls and they've been amazing so I can't and won't say a favourite no matter how much you ask haha. Although it goes without saying my husband is the most important person I work with as without him I wouldn't be doing all of this.

JJ: I'll just have to get you drunk and ask again and if it still doesn't work i'll get Darrell drunk and ask him... I will find out eventually haha

So what are your hopes for BBW Con 2016?

Kimmie: I just want it to be bigger and better every year and from what I understand it will be. I had a great time last year and can't wait to be at my booth this year meeting my fans and catching up with all my friends too. Plus this year we are a bit more confident, we know what to expect and are more comfortable which means we can enjoy this year even more.

JJ: Are you hoping for more nominations this year at for the BIGGIEs?

Kimmie: It's always nice to be nominated for awards and I'm glad I won newcomer of the year last year as you can only get one shot at winning that honour.

JJ: And whats the best part of being in the industry??

Kimmie: The people you meet, the people you work with and fans they are all great, I've made some friends from this and I enjoy the work and I can set my own schedule.

JJ: What about the worst thing about the industry?

Kimmie: I hate the tube sites. All these sites that put up our work for free. It is harmful to the industry. I just wish people would pay for their porn, we work hard to provide great things and it should be bought the way it was intended.

JJ: Finally what does the future hold for Kimmie Kaboom when it's time to retire from in front of the camera (God forbid that should be anytime soon)

Kimmie: To be honest I'll go behind the camera and get involved in photography, production etc. I can't imagine we'll leave the industry completely, then after that who knows retire to a nice sunny beach somewhere with my amazing husband and dip our toes in the ocean and enjoy life.

JJ: Kimmie it's been so lovely to speak to you and I have a feeling there will be more nominations coming up for you at the BIGGIEs! Is there anything you want to say to the fans?

Kimmie: I couldn't be doing this without the fans and I want to let all my fans know that in the very near future my Website will be relaunced...BIGGER, BETTER, SEXIER

And to the people reading this who don't know me come find me at:

My Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram are all @thekimmiekaboom and Darrell's is @mrdarrellkaboom 

And again my NEW AND IMPROVED, NAUGHTIER website


Kimmie Kaboom will be at the 2nd annual BBWCon in Las Vegas, Nevada July 22-24, 2016 at the Alexis Park Resort. 

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