Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Lilly Kim

It's been a little while since my last interview because of the Christmas break but rest assured we've got some amazing interviews lined up.

I'm coming back with an interview with the sexy Lilly Kim. This 45 year old minx has a sexy 34C 27 36 figure and is as naughty as they come. And she's here just for you guys. 

JJ: Hi Kim, welcome to Inside the Porn, thanks for being part of the fastest growing blog on the net! 

Kim: My pleasure. It's lovely to be here and great to have people find out a bit more about me 

JJ: So what got you into the adult industry? 

Kim: I was fed up with my job as a compliance manager and read an article about web camming in a Sunday magazine. Did some research and decided to give it a go. 

JJ: Many people are very happy you did I'm sure. 

What are you enjoying most about web camming? 

Kim: The best thing is working when I want to it fits around my life. Makes life easier. 

JJ: Yeah. That's what a lot of people like about it from interviews I've done. 

So what's the worst thing about it? 

Kim: Sometimes you get a bit of abuse not much thankfully, but a little. 

JJ: Normally guys wanting something for nothing. 

Have you got any funny stories about camming? 

Kim: Some men do the strangest things on cam, I've seen a guy suck his own cock and cum in his mouth.

JJ: Obviously some guys will do anything to impress a woman haha 

So you're a webcam model where can people find you online? 

Kim: They can find me on Twitter @kim68lillykim68 and I'm on

JJ: What do you enjoy most about sex? 

Kim: It's the orgasms and trying new things for sure. 

JJ: The obligatory film question. What's your favourite film? 

Kim: Serendipity is my favourite film

JJ: That's a good choice of film. Not what I was expecting to be honest. 

Where do you enjoy going on holiday? 

Kim: I love going to Spain. My favourite place by far. 

JJ: What do you consider your biggest achievement so far? 

Kim: My biggest achievement is entering the adult industry and starting work thinking no one would ever look at me and getting nominated by to be one of their top 10 cam girls after only being on the site for a year.

JJ: I'm impressed. Obviously you made the right impression on your viewers. 

What's the biggest thing you've overcome so far? 

Kim: Believing in myself that age is only a number

JJ: Well I always thought that. Sexy is sexy at any age.

What's the nicest thing any of your fans have done for you? 

Kim: Nothing in particular I've received some nice presents in the past and been invited on holiday which I declined

JJ: Finally, how did you spend your Christmas?

Kim: The best way to spend a Christmas I spent it with family. 

JJ: Thank you for taking the time out to be on the blog and looking forward to catching up with you in the new year 

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