Wednesday, 16 December 2015


So we have another UK hottie. Well known for her MILF and GILF scenes and loved as a party hostess, Pandora is a 45 year old minx with a 36 B bust and a penchant for being kinky, and here today to give us a bit of a look inside the life of a porn star.

So sit back and enjoy

JJ: Thank you for being here Pandora. I know you have a lot of stuff going on at this time of year so it's great to have you here. 

Let's starting what got you started in the business? 

Pandora: My partner Mr P and I are swingers. We went to a Greedy Girl Party as guests. I was asked if I could work at one to cover someone who was sick. The rest is history so they say.

JJ: Seems like you were a fan of sex before getting into the industry then.

What are you enjoying most about the industry so far.

Pandora: Best thing is the social side. You meet a lot of really nice and different people from completely different backgrounds who you might not normally meet. The porn industry is a very close knit and incestuous business so you can become really good friends with a lot of people as I've been lucky enough to do.

JJ: Yeah I'm finding how close the industry is and I've been lucky enough to have been accepted into it on the most part I think.

Whats the worst thing about the industry for you?

Pandora: At times everyone wants a piece of you. Having to be happy, smiley when you've got a thumping headache can be a bit tough. At parties you can get rushed at and groped with men pushing their bits in your face and trying to turn your head exorcist style to play with them haha. I also have to put on an Oscar winning performance even if my 'partner' at the time isn't particularly doing it for me.

JJ: I went to a couple of those kind of parties to write a story about them for a trade piece a few years ago. They can be a bit daunting to say the least.

Have you got any funny stories about when you have been working?

Pandora: I was doing Golden Girls TV show and had a cold. I sneezed on air and a caller wanted me to sneeze to order as it was his fetish. I've also fallen off a bed in the middle of a film shoot today!

JJ: Can't say I've heard of a sneezing fetish that's a new one haha.

So at the moment what are you doing work wise?

Pandora: At the moment i'm a cam girl, porn star, party hostess and model, and you can find me on Twitter @6969pandora or at

JJ: So what is the best thing about sex for you?

Pandora: Coming home to my partner and telling him all about my day and what I've been doing and playing with him.

JJ: Lucky Mr P.

What kind of films are you into? I'm a film geek hence the random question haha

Pandora: Well my favourite films are the Lord of the Rings Collection and action films. Not into girlie films.

JJ: Great choices. I'm more of a horror fan personally but I can appreciate a good action film

Whats the one thing people wouldn't guess about you just from looking at you?

Pandora: That's probably going to be that I have intimate piercings.

JJ: If I hadn't seen it I wouldn't believe it haha

And what has been your biggest achievement so far?

Pandora: In work, being nominated for GILF of the year this year and coming second. In my private life it would be my 4 children and 7 grandchildren.

JJ: Some great things to be proud of for sure.

What's the most challenging thing you've had to overcome?

Pandora: Definitely overcoming cervical cancer when I was in my 20s.

JJ: Wow that's a tough battle but glad to see you whooped it's ass!

So you have a lot of fans. What is the best thing a fan has ever done for you?

Pandora: I've been bought 8 pairs of shoes (yes 8) by one fan this year, which is lovely

JJ: He obviously likes what you do hahaha

How many scenes do you think you've done throughout your career??

Pandora: Countless, too many to count for sure.

JJ: And do you have a favourite person to work with?

Pandora: Adele aka @britlady on Twitter, We do nothing but giggle and are good friends outside of the industry too.

JJ: And finally what are you doing for Christmas this year?

Pandora: It'll just be a very quiet Christmas this year so not much.

JJ: Well I hope you have a good Christmas although I'm not sure how good you've been this year haha. It's been a pleasure interviewing you and and hopefully we'll catch up soon

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