Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Cherry Bardot

Well this up and coming sex bomb is just waiting to explode this 31 year old minx boasts a 53 inch bust, 46 inch waist, 55 inch hips and wears a mind blowing 42H rack. She is taking the world by storm and it's only a matter of time before you are hooked to her!! So let me introduce to you Cherry Bardot!!

JJ: Hi Cherry, it's nice to be able to get you on the blog. I friend of yours Kimmie Kaboom mentioned you to me during an interview and I was intrigued, I looked you up and as soon as I saw you I knew we had to have you on here. So thanks for agreeing to it.

Cherry: It's a pleasure honestly. It's nice to get my name out there more.

JJ: How did you get into the adult industry?

Cherry: My husband actually got me into the industry. I'm someone who loves to work and I love to love my job. I had to leave the job I had at the time and he suggested that I try Webcam Modelling.

JJ: Thank you Mr Cherry... I want to thank you on behalf of men and women everywhere

And what do you love most about the industry?

Cherry: I love the variety of people I meet everyday. You never know what the day holds.

JJ: what about the worst bits?

Cherry: I get asked lots of weird stuff. Hard to think of any right now, the pressure of interviews haha.

JJ: I can only imagine...there are some errrr 'unique' people out there!!

What are you doing for work currently then?

Cherry: I am currently a web cam model on streamate and I'm working on my website.

I cam at and you can find me on Twitter @piercedcherry

JJ: Ahhhh well I expect a few more people will be checking you out after this interview...(maybe me too).

What do you love most about sex Cherry?

Cherry: The best thing about sex is the sheer variety. So many positions and combinations of things to try.

JJ: That's a good point. Hadn't thought about it like that before, but now I have, my mind is racing.

I know you're not much of a fan of films, but do you watch much TV?

Cherry: My favourite show is Futurama. I'm not much of a movie watcher at all.

JJ: What's your favourite place to go on holiday?

Cherry: My recent favourite is Las Vegas. I went for BBWCon last July and I had a blast meeting all the girls I talk to on social media in person.

JJ: I have to say I love Vegas. I generally go at least once a year.

What do you consider your achievements in the industry so far?

Cherry: Well I'm still relatively early into my career but I have my sights set high for the future.

JJ: I certainly see BIGGIEs in your future that's for sure

What's the nicest thing a fan has done for you since you've been in the business?

Cherry: I had a fan let me and Kimmie Kaboom use his Penthouse Suite so we could shoot some content for and

JJ: I bet he was more than happy to have you two sexy women in his suite. I know I'd have probably have passed out haha

Who is your favourite person to work with so far?

Cherry: It has to be Kimmie Kaboom. She and I have great energy together

JJ: I would always encourage you two to work together more ....purely from a business point of view ;) 

What will you do after you leave the industry?

Cherry: I'll probably open up my own business of some sort.

JJ: A woman with goals and ambition. It's great to see.

Finally how will you be spending Christmas this year?

Cherry: I will be spending it recovering from ankle surgery. So my little family will have a very low key Christmas this year.

JJ:  I broke my ankle playing Soccer a few years ago. I know what a nightmare it can recovering from that so I hope you're well on your way to recovery.

Thanks for taking the time to be interviewed it's been a big pleasure and I hope many people are finding you for the first time and enjoying what you do.

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