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Amy Taylor

This women is astounding. This native Californian has spent two decades as a published model, An escort, a marksman, a pilot and has an MBA from Berkeley. No I'm not interviewing a character from the next big spy film I'm in fact talking about the very beautiful and sophisticated Amy Taylor. 

JJ: Hi Amy, welcome to Inside the Porn. I'm flattered that we could have you with us. 

So tell me how you got into the industry? 

Amy: I don’t know if being an escort is necessarily the “adult industry” (I go to dinners, events, and on vacations with men…that’s not really “adult” per se…?), but I got into escorting when I began grad school.  I have always loved older, powerful, wealthy men (it’s who I’d date even if I weren’t an escort), I adore men who spoil me (what woman doesn’t?), and at that time I was in a position of needing help with finances, and also not having time for either a full-time relationship or a full-time job.  I’m of the opinion that escorting is actually simply old-fashioned dating (a man provides for his woman, and she is able to stay relaxed, beautiful, happy and cared for).  There is nothing abusive or wrong about it; it’s simply chivalry that provides both parties what they need, as they share what they’re happy to give.  In my admittedly-biased opinion, it is dating as it should be.

JJ: Well chivalry is a dying art form in today's society unfortunately and the ones who retain it are the people that should be seeing you. 

What's the best thing about the industry? 

Amy: The best thing about escorting is, by far, access to the best men on the planet coupled with the fantastic way they treat me.  Because I hold both myself and them in esteem and keep us both to high standards (I’d never tolerate anything less from them, nor would I ever behave without utmost integrity and quality), I spend my time on fabulous dates with spectacular men, and I’m paid fairly enough to survive (unlike many folks these days, working too hard at awful jobs that don’t pay enough to live) in return for doing so.  The “normal” life (I suppose suburban wifedom with babies and more respect of the overarching society) which I sacrifice is nothing I miss (I never wanted that), and therefore the best thing about escorting is that it yields the exact life I love living.

JJ: It is clear you have found a lifestyle which suits your needs and I can't think of any better way to live your life. 

What's the worst thing about the industry? 

Amy: The worst thing about escorting
is the very real potential for harm. I have to be almost psychotically vigilant (read:  paranoid, basically) to stay alive, paid, free and unhurt. There are some really bad people in my industry, sadly, on all sides. They are rare, but exposure to them even once can, quite literally, be life-ending. Having to worry about that really sucks. Another irritating part is the stigma and shame society forces upon women like me…I’ve made peace with that one quite a while ago, so it’s no longer such an issue.  But it can be painful to lose respect simply because the majority of society hates what I do.  I choose my happiness over their approval, but that’s a choice which has all the typical consequences (isolation, loss of access to jobs and relationships, etc.) of any deviant life choice.  I don’t know if I’ll live to see society stop hating escorts…but it sure would be nice.

JJ: Part of the reason for this blog's existence is to show people the reality of the people that work in the industry and hopefully change people's views a little. 

What's the funniest thing to happen to you whilst working?

Amy:  Well, I once boarded a jet once with a client, and sitting across the aisle from us was another of my clients.  The man not with me simply smiled and looked back down at his newspaper (he emailed later to tell me he thought it was hilarious), and the man I was with never knew…but suffice it to say I had a good laugh.  What are the odds?

JJ: That must have been so crazy but it's great that your client had discretion as that could have become awkward. 

What are you doing work wise at the moment? 

Amy: Work-wise, I’m currently learning bigger and faster planes (I am a pilot), considering finally finishing my Ph.D. (put it on hold years ago and always promised myself I’d get back to it someday), still hanging out with a handful of my favorite men on earth (I truly adore these relationships), and still modeling quite a bit (yay for me to still get hired in my late-30s!  It’s the rise of the hot old chick apparently…or maybe I just got lucky, genetically).

JJ: Well you're certainly a hot chick there is no denying that and I think sexy is sexy regardless of age. And the fact you fill your life with many pursuits is amazing. 

Where can people find you online? 

Amy: I can be found at these links: 

JJ: what is the best thing about sex? 

Amy: The best things about sex are the vulnerability and connection.  Exact sex acts can be great (or not), sure…but acrobatics and “moves” pale in comparison to engaging in such a silly, beautiful, delightful act with someone you are “into” at the time.  It doesn’t have to be everlasting love (nothing wrong with lust, even if it’s only for a night)…but once you’ve felt what it’s like to fuck someone you really like, it’s never again the same with folks you don’t.  Then again, though, even bad pizza is better than no pizza…so if you don’t have anyone in your life with whom you have that delicious chemistry, fucking someone just for fun doesn’t suck.  The particular acts matter less than the partner, obviously.

JJ: That's possibly the best answer I've had for the question and the pizza analogy made my day haha. 

And what really turns you on? 

Amy: Things that turn me on are pretty typical of any girl:  fantastic dinners, great travel, men who look and smell great, humor, power and luxury, muscles and health in a sex partner, blah blah.  But then once in a while, I’ll get a wild hair and what turns me on can be very odd stuff (I guess it’s nice to try what one hasn’t yet done). That preference tends to go in phases…I’ll check something out for a while, then be sorta done with it or shelve it until next time it entices me.  What does NOT turn me on?  Idiocy, rude men, lack of hygiene, bigotry…not sure what woman that stuff would turn on, but amazingly, I get emails from men who think this works. Guys, try something else. This is why you’re at home alone on the computer, while other men are on dates with women like me.  Seriously.

JJ: Well I'll just wait until I become one of the things that entices you. I'm a very very patient guy haha. 

The obligatory question, what's your favourite film? 

Amy: My favorite movie is “The Jerk,” with Steve Martin. Don’t judge me. I love silly, lowbrow humor. Movies are escape for me.

JJ: That actually surprised me. I wasn't expecting that film. Great choice. Films should always be an escape. 

What is your favourite holiday destination? 

Amy: My favorite vacation destination is anywhere to which I haven’t yet been. Bucket list this year is the Maldives and Seychelles. Please, someone amazing take me!

JJ: You heard the woman guys come on. Get her booked and take her to the Maldives and Seychelles. 

Tell me one thing about yourself that you wouldn't know by looking at you? 

Amy: I’m in both MENSA and the Triple Nines. Yeah, with this body and sex appeal, I don’t look like I’m a genius.  But I actually am (not bragging, it’s just the truth).

JJ: I'm also in MENSA. It's nice to meet another member haha.

What are the biggest achievements in your life so far? 

Amy: Im most proud of these accomplishments, so far: becoming financially independent, getting my MBA, still modeling as I head toward 40, learning to fly jets, and becoming a distinguished marksman. I hope I’ll achieve much more before I’m gone!

JJ: Well you're a very intelligent and driven woman I'm positive there are many more big achievements in your future. 

What's been the most challenging thing you've had to overcome? 

Amy: The most challenging thing I’ve overcome so far is a stalker who tried to have me murdered, because I defied him (I refused to have sex with him and to allow him to make money off me). He changed my life forever when he came after me, but I was victorious in the end.  Good always triumphs over evil, as I’ve seen repeatedly in life and certainly in this case...but it was the toughest time in my and my family’s life.  He is, truly, a monster.

JJ: Wow, that's a crazy thing to have to overcome. I'm glad you got through that and hopefully nothing like that ever happens to you again. 

What's the nicest thing a fan has done for you? 

Amy: The best thing a fan has done so far is probably the guy who sent me a full strand of huge Tahitian pearls. I always wanted a black pearl necklace, natural and not cultured…and he made it happen. Every time I have the chance to wear it, I think of him and smile. Such a lovely gift.

JJ: That's an enormous act of generosity. Certainly he regards you very highly. I hope he reads this and sees how much you appreciate those pearls. 

What's one piece of advice you'd give to someone getting into your industry? 

Amy: My advice for people wanting to get into escorting is that if they’re smart and hard-working enough to succeed in this phenomenally brutal-at-times business, they’d be far smarter to devote that to a different industry (they’d end up with a better future, more safety, and nowadays, more pay).  One can make the best of this choice (as I have), but there are better career choices (especially in the current economic climate).  If they’re hellbent on doing this, all I can say is that they’d better learn as much as they can and never, ever screw up…one wrong choice and life is over (that’s not a joke).

JJ: That's some very straight talking and hopefully people consider your words as they carry a lot of weight behind them. 

What do you think you'll do once you leave the industry? 

Amy: After I leave this industry, I plan to simply relax and enjoy being an old lady who isn’t about my looks or sex appeal!  It’ll be a nice change. I’d very much like to do outreach to make this industry safer and better for the younger folks coming up in it…and I’d like to spend a lot more time at home playing with my dog, instead of traveling all the time.

JJ: That sounds like the perfect retirement. I hope I can do the same. Well not enjoy being an old lady but you get my drift haha. 

Finally Amy, what's the weirdest rumour you've heard about yourself? 

Amy: The weirdest rumor I’ve heard about myself is probably the continued rumor that I’m not real.  How is that even possible? Last I checked, I’m as real as they come, flaws and all.

JJ: Guys this woman is as real as they come and a little secret for you all...she's even sexier and more enticing than you could ever imagine. 

Thank you so much for taking the time out for the interview. It's very much appreciated. I hope you have a great year and look forward to catching up to you in the future. 

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