Saturday, 2 July 2016

Kelly Stafford

This woman is the enigma of the British Porn scene. I true mystery, a true sexual deviant and gorgeous minx. She has a passion for what she does and she loves her fans more than anyone I think I've ever known. Today I have the pleasure of the company of Kelly Stafford. 

JJ: Welcome to Inside the Porn babe. It's a pleasure to have you with me today. 

How did you get into the industry? 

Kelly: I come from a different time before DVD's and Internet. I was a soft model and I was helping a friend organise a shoot book girls, locations etc. Which turned out to be for Rocco Siffredi. We became friends straight away we have a very similar personality and outlook on sex. He was the first person to ask me why I wasn't filming. My reply of because nobody is shooting submissive women in a positive way,this startled and excited him as I had only just turned 18 and he wasn't expecting such strong sexuality from someone so young. He listened to what I wanted to portray on screen and I knew he understood and would give me the freedom to explore. Immediately a beautiful working relationship was born. 20 years on we are still great friends.

JJ: It's great you had such a strong idea of what you wanted to do right from the beginning. That's a big thing. 

What's the best thing about the industry? 

Kelly: Being able to safely explore your sexual boundaries and continue to keep pushing what other people think about sex and sexuality. My aim is always to make you think. I am a feminist and submissive. It's not politically correct and decades of feminism should have brought me closer to being able speak and claim my true sexual desires I decided to share that with the world. To say to other women its ok to be like me, its ok to be sexually strong yet submissive. Embrace it enjoy it be free.

JJ: It's great to see the industry has given you such a good platform to express yourself. I think you portray sexual freedom well. 

What's the worst thing about the industry? 

Kelly: Slut shaming what even is that???  I don't understand anybody that can put someone else down for their sexual behaviours and desires. Ive also had death threats against myself and my child due to me and I quote not being worthy to be a mother and my child needs to be skinned alive to inflict the same pain that I have on society.

JJ: Bloody hell. Some people are definitely totally twisted with their view on the world. There is nothing wrong with sex or the adult industry. It still baffles me how people still get so bent out of shape. 

What's the funniest thing to happen to you whilst working? 

Kelly: I am generally a naturally upbeat person and I start everyday on a new page. There is always a lot of laughter in my life. I can't think of one stand out thing as there was always a lot of laughter.

JJ: What are you doing at the moment work wise? 

Kelly: I have many different projects on the go. I have been an agent for the last 15 years although I do generally keep that quiet. I am also trying to find the right project to entice me back in front of the camera as I am not done yet . I started because I wanted to show sexually strong women in a positive light and I really feel like nothing really has changed over the years. Women are still asked to dampen down or be boxed in to what is commercially acceptable. This very notion grates on me. if you want a Milf book one don't hire a 25 year old to pretend. Older women are extremely sexy and  why shouldn't they be shown as such. The industry has become very stale.I feel like it needs another shake up.
I have just done a come back scene and taken part in Rocco's documentary so keep an eye out for that.

JJ: Well I'm excited to see what brings you back in front of the camera as your work is amazing 

Where can people find you online? 

I tend not to do any forms of media I like my scenes to speak for themselves and you either get it or you don't.
 I do now have a twitter

JJ: I'm glad that I'm getting the chance to interview you as I know you're not one for interviews usually. 

What's the best thing about sex? 

Kelly:  I couldn't possibly define it. I do love to connect with someone on such a level that you can explore and push your limits together. I love getting to the point where there is such trust between you that you can say, ask and do anything together. For me it is not about commitment it is about chemistry and connection.To find that perfect combination is rare.

JJ: That's very true. Chemistry always makes sex a million times better in my opinion. 

What really turns you on? 

Kelly: Intelligent, sexually strong dominant men and anyone who is prepared to push the boundaries of acceptable society. For me I am always looking for someone who is stronger mentally than myself so as a submissive can give myself to them fully.

JJ: Well it's very flattering that you chose to describe me haha. 

My favourite question. What's your favourite film? 

Kelly: I really don't get time to watch movies. but if I had to pick I would say Shawshank Redemption or Se7en.

JJ: Well you might not get time for films but you have great choice in them. 

Where's your favourite place to go on holiday? 

Kelly: I love to travel and explore new places so I don't have a favourite.

JJ: You come across as someone who loves the unexpected and the new so that doesn't surprise me. 

Tell me one thing about yourself that I wouldn't know just by looking at you? 

Kelly: I am extremely loyal and honest once I have taken to you thats it I will be your friend for life and defend you to the ends of the earth. As long as you honest with me. I have so much respect for people that can be honest it means you have respect for me and I can base my decisions on fact rather than a lie.

JJ: That's something definitely that people should know about you. It shows strength of character to live like that. 

What's been your biggest achievement in life or work? 

Kelly: That's an easy one, my child. 

JJ: Great answer I love it. What's been the hardest thing to overcome? 

Kelly: Other peoples prejudice and being a single mum with zero support or help.

JJ: I've always said being a single mum makes a woman stronger than anyone on the planet. 

What's the best thing a fan has ever done for you? 

Kelly: Take part in my movies I love working with real fans it's so much more exciting and rewarding to see people that really want to be there to fuck you instead of being paid to. Real sex is what I'm all about.

JJ: No wonder your fans love you so much haha. Obviously you will never have a shortage of people to work with haha. 

What's one piece of advice you'd give to someone getting into the industry? 

Kelly: Think about it long and hard there is still so much negativity involved in people in our industry, you're seen and  portrayed as being away from society when really you are the part of peoples personality they want to keep hidden to themselves. 
I have dated a lot of well known men and they are always happy to fuck you in private but they will never go public with you because of the negative impact on their own career. I have certainly lost love this way and its totally unneccesary and wrong. In fact I had to hide my 8 year marriage so it didn't impact on his career. 
Its absolute appalling that society still like to pigeon hole people. There is so much more to me than the sexual side. Yet once you have been in the industry people are quick to judge and believe you can not possibly be intelligent, kind, loving, funny and business minded. Everyone wants to tell you how you are worthless because you fuck for money. News for you, all of my scenes were done for free because I wanted to show real sex and real reactions and believed my reactions to situations may have been different if I knew at the end of the day I was being paid. That was just the choice I decided to make. I think it shows in my scenes.

JJ: That's amazing advice. I think you're someone that has always done things their own way and it's worked out for you Hun. 

What do you think you'll do after you leave the industry? 

Kelly: I don't think I will ever completely leave the industry.

JJ: Well that's the best news I've heard for a while haha. 

Finally, what's the weirdest rumour you've heard about yourself? 

Kelly: That I am dead or suffering from mental illness those two always make me laugh.

JJ: In my opinion I'd say you were as sane as me (possibly not a good thing haha) and I can confirm you're alive and kicking haha 

I'm looking forward to seeing you back in front of the camera and I think everyone else is too. Thanks for being with me today. 


  1. Man, this woman is hot as hell. Fun and loving in all of her scenes. Never fails to impress her fans. She always gives them their money's worth. I would be honored to be inside her tasty, legendary pussy. Hopefully, she'll grant me my wish.

  2. email me if someone can help me make my lifelong dream come true.

  3. Kelly is married to NFL quarterback Matthew Stafford of the Detroit Lions and has two twins