Saturday, 1 October 2016

Summer Day

Today I'm interviewing someone with the face of an angel and a body built for sin. She is making a name for herself with the passion she shows for the work and I'm lucky enough to get to squeeze myself into her busy schedule. We welcome Summer Day to Inside the Porn. 
JJ: Welcome to Inside the Porn. It's a pleasure to have you with us. 

What got you into the adult industry? 

Summer: I've always wanted to be in the industry since I was young. I spent my life trying different hobbies and jobs and when it came time that I felt ready, last year, my agent found me and we got along instantly. It felt like it was always meant to be. 

JJ: Well it is great to see you tried other things before getting into the industry. You have some realworld experiences first. You are lucky to have clicked with a manager so easily. 

What's the best thing about the adult industry? 

Summer: There's so many things I love. Every day is a different day, whether it's a blow job with other hot girls or some nice anal, I'm never bored. You can tell between people in porn and pornstars, that they want to be there and they enjoy their job and I choose to be around happy people who are like minded like me. I can always be myself. I get paid to do my passion, and at the end of the day there's just nothing that can beat that. At least not for the next few years! 

JJ: I think if you do it because you love it and not just for the money you'll be a lot more successful. 
What's the worst thing about the adult industry? 

Summer: Even on my worst days I can't forget that I made it to California by myself and I own my own place, being able to live where I've dreamt of my whole life and being independent makes it hard for me to ever be upset. The worst thing about the industry are  the people who shouldn't be here. Even though it will never happen I've often thought girls who were a little older like 21, the same age you have to be to even buy cigarettes now, would be more mature and able to handle themselves professionally. Girls who are 18 have no job experience and no real sexual experience, and on set anyone I've ever ever had an issue with were new girls who were immature, emotionally unstable, not really aware of what they're even doing, and it changes a scene more than some might think. I don't dislike anyone in the industry but there's definitely people with a reputation that makes me double think things. That could be good and bad depending on the person! Haha. I always try to be on my best behavior no matter what because as much fun as I have, professionalism is key.

JJ: Professionalism is the only thing that matters. I think if people know you work hard, look great and can be relied upon to deliver then you'll always have work lined up. 

What's the funniest thing to happen to you whilst working? 

Summer:  Which story to choose! I'm naturally a goofy girl so every day makes me laugh somehow. One of the hardest times I've ever laughed in my life was with Kat Dior after set, we were going home from Penthouse and we prank called all the fast food restaurants on the way. Different voices and especially Kat, convincing she was someone else who's calling into work late. We even told one store we were pornstars and they just didn't believe us! That was a great night and she will always be one of the funniest girls in porn to me too. 

JJ: Kat Dior is someone whose work is fantastic and to hear she is lovely and has a sense of humour too is great for someone like me. Gives me more faith in the industry haha. 
What are you doing workwise at the moment? 

Summer: I've had a lot of big shoots this week and next and I'm so excited for them to come out! I've been doing anal as always, but definitely more girl girl scenes to look forward to. I did my first mini gang bang for Dogfart, three black sexy men taking turns in my ass while my husband Ryan McClain watches and finishes off on my face. One of my favorite scenes ever shot so far, one you cannot miss especially if you like BBC. I felt like my true self was able to really shine on camera. 

JJ: That scene sounds amazing. I am looking forward to seeing it and I'm sure everyone reading this suddenly got very excited to see it too. 

Where can people find you online? 

Summer: 6. Twitter is SummerdayXXX. Instagram is Summerdayofficial. I offer my premium snapchat SummerDayXXX for $30 one time fee, which you can email me at Fans can email here about snapchat, skype shows, customers, and much more! I also love to talk on SextPanther/SummerDay, where you can text me personally. 

JJ: Wow, you're all over the place ... no excuse guys get following this amazing woman and see why she is so sought after. 

What's the best thing about sex? 

Summer: What kind of question is that! Cumming! I love it when a man pulls my arms behind me while fucking me in the ass when another man in the front is choking me and DPing me. Just thinking about it now I'm horny. 

JJ: Well I will go to sleep tonight knowing I contributed to making Summer Day horny and I'll feel like a champion haha. 
What really turns you on? 

Summer: Everything. Hot men with muscles. Gorgeous women with asses that defy gravity. I like hard thinks cocks choking me, I love fucking on camera and just in front of people. Everything about porn truly turns me on. 

JJ: This truly is the industry for you haha. 

Big question now, it could make or break the interview... What's your favourite film? 

Summer: Honestly, I don't have one porn wise. My favorite movie is Legend with Tom Cruise hands down and always will be. Also Pans Labyrinth an international movie in Spanish.  

JJ: Well I wasn't expecting those kind of films but great choices none the less. 
Where's your favourite place to go on holiday? 

Summer: My home in Seattle! Now that I live my dream every day in California when it's time for the holidays I love to go back to the cold and get comfy with the family. 

JJ: I can totally understand that. Tell me one thing about yourself that people would never know by looking at you? 

Summer: Well since I always come off as happy and bubbly people often don't realize how much depth I have. I like being underestimated though which I always am because it gives me a way to prove myself in a way that is fun to me. I used to sing professional opera, I have a degree in art, I worked with crocodiles for a year studying herpetology. I've lived so much already porn is just another step up getting closer to everything I want. 

JJ: Wow. Just let me pick myself up off the floor. I've never been so shocked by an answer to that question. You have just blown my mind. 
What's your biggest achievement in life or work?

Summer: I haven't got there yet, but one memory that no one can ever take from me is the first time I walked the red carpet. I spent my whole life dreaming on that moment and I wasn't sure it would really happen. After last AVN I realized all my dreams can come true, and truly knowing that is a feeling that is more calming and centering than anything else. It humbles me knowing I'm only in competition with myself and I'm already farther than I planned. 

JJ: I'm not surprised you're achieving so many goals already because your love of the industry shines through and you're amazing at what you do. 

What's the most challenging thing you've overcome? 

Summer: Weight is by far my biggest issue. Currently I'm on a great diet that I can maintain and I've been doing lots of yoga and running. But, since I was a little girl I always struggled with weight, being told I would never model because I was too fat. Boys wouldn't like me all through middle school because of it (I still got some though haha) but I remember in high school I just woke up one day and decided only I could change my life and that I didn't want to live that way. Doing porn is one of the things I dreamt of even in college that inspired me to wake up at 5am and go workout. I've always had that vision on myself on the red carpet and now that I really can work for that it is what keeps me motivated. I have to work harder than most to keep my weight down but it's a price worth paying. 

JJ: Well I can honestly say you're looking absolutely amazing right now. All the work you do is paying off in a big way. 
 What's the best thing a fan has ever done for you? 

Summer:  One of my fans bought my a flight home for my birthday and that was the sweetest thing ever! (Thanks D!) first class and everything. I'll never forget that. 

JJ: That's one of the sweetest things ever. He obviously knew exactly what you wanted for your birthday. 

What's one bit of advice for anyone wanting to get into the adult industry? 

Summer: Don't be afraid to say no, but also be willing to try new things. If you're not naturally a freak then why would you want to be in porn? Only do it if it's what keeps you up at night, don't just do porn on a whim. Because once it's out there on the Internet, it's out there forever. It's a life style to me not just a hobby.

JJ: I couldn't have said it better myself. Stick to what you are happy with. 
What do you think you'll do once you leave the industry? 

Summer: I'm going to paint, which I still do now. I'm a great saver, so I'd like to have a beautiful family outside of the city with lots of land. I want to grow all my own fruits and veggies and have a greenhouse, if I have kids I'd have to home school them. Paint and be happy, maybe cam still. It's hard to really think past porn I just plan to do it as long as it makes me happy or until I find something else that inspires me more. Follow your heart! 

JJ: It seems you have a great idea of what you'll be up to after porn and it sounds like a great way to live. 

Finally,  What's the weirdest rumour you've heard about yourself? 

Summer: I just hear about how I was at orgies I never attended sometimes but it's not too common. The people I let close to me I'm picky about so I feel like my friends in the industry know me well enough to know when rumors are true or not. 

JJ: That's great that you are close with people who know when rumours aren't true. 

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do the interview with me. It's a pleasure completely. 

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