Sunday, 24 September 2017

Cam Site Wars... The Impact!

Today is something a little different. Today I’m publishing an article that was sent to me anonymously. It’s something whoever wrote this feels passionately about. 

I want to clarify that I do not agree, promote or validate these claims in this article. I am merely a platform to allow people to air their opinions. I have been a strong promoter and advocate for the camming community and by publishing this I merely aim to give another performer the chance to air their opinions. 

Enjoy the read. 

“It is no secret that there is an immense amount of competition in the adult industry. Every model has some form of competition, whether it is direct or indirect, in whatever category they include themselves in; thin models, BBW models, fetish models, etc. It is also no secret that competition and drama between models directly is happening every day. Models see this, clients see this, everyone sees it on social media, forums and the like.

With that being said, many adult platforms have taken it upon themselves to include their sites in the drama and this is hurting the industry and hurting the models who work hard for them. As a model, I expect the companies I work for to maintain a business approach to what they do, as I’m sure other models do as well. Unfortunately, the back and forth between adult platforms continues to get more and more heated and direct.

The newest drama is MyFreeCams not allowing any mention of Manyvids on their platform. Many models link to other websites and have done so for a long time for members in search of things that MFC does not offer. While MFC does allow models to sell videos, members often find it easier to purchase these videos through Manyvids.
Since the launch of Manyvids’ Live Takeover, which is a token-based show, MyFreeCams has sent out emails and changed the profiles of hundreds of girls who had links to Manyvids. The email I received was this: 

MFCShare is a new platform, linked to MyFreeCams, that is very much like Manyvids’ platform, where we can sell our videos and now even store items for tokens. They are trying very hard to keep their customers, but fell short by not allowing Boy/Girl content to be sold and by taking down portions of models’ profiles without any heads up as to what was going on with the feud.

Manyvids then fired back on their platform as an announcement to all models about letting us link to whatever we would like to, which is great. However, calling out MyFreeCams directly was not.
Manyvids is also notorious for keeping themselves in mind, rather than the model. Contests happen every Wednesday, along with more contests that last for days and leave members and models feeling drained and tired of it. In their latest hit towards MFC, they stated, “The success of our MV Stars come before the success of Manyvids. We work for our content creators, our content creators don’t work for us.” Many models would disagree with this statement because of the many changes that have made some models unnoticeable on the content sharing platform. A copy of their message is seen below:

This is not the first time Manyvids has gone to bat with another platform and even directly at the models.
Earlier this year, Manyvids and iWantClips were trying to poach models from one another’s sites using recruitment accounts. Manyvids then made a statement about fetish models being more than welcome on Manyvids and could be equally as successful on their platform as they are on IWC.
IWC also stopped covering chargebacks and offered a chargeback protection program, which prompted Manyvids to fire, yet another, article about how Manyvids will cover any chargebacks and keep our money safe.
Another account of Manyvids showing their colors is de-crowning the Social Media Slayer of the Year award for 2017 because of her social media content. It wasn’t until other models started complaining that she won that they chose another winner, after sending her the crown. How does this “protect the freedom of sex-workers” if the sex worker isn’t allowed to express themselves?

MyFreeCams isn’t void of doing some ridiculous things themselves. They see themselves as more of an adult community, rather than a porn site, which is understandable. For whatever reason, their platform has gotten much slower in the last year as far as revenue and people visiting and tipping models. Some models have left completely because of things that the owner turns a blind eye to. These things are much more than B/G videos not being allowed on MFCShare or taking down Manyvids links.
Several models have done offensive, racist or just downright hateful shows and broadcasts, but it turned a pretty penny for MFC. Although hundreds of people emailed the company and screenshots and clips flew around Twitter, nothing was done about these shows and no action was taken against any of the models, even though they broke several performer rules. MFC is notorious for not enforcing their rules unless it comes to lower earning models who break them.
MyFreeCams lost a lot of models, some of them top models, and a lot of customers because of the shows they didn’t shut down. Yet, they are extremely afraid of Manyvids and took every action to remove any mention of Manyvids from every model profile without prior notice. What makes them so scared to lose customers to Manyvids, but not lose customers because of rule-breaking broadcasts?

This isn’t a stab at any one site in particular. This is to showcase how many platforms have decided it is better for them to be involved in drama, rather than stay neutral. While Manyvids is definitely one to fire back and even start drama, they are not the only ones creating it.

However, on the topic of Manyvids, let’s not forget the current drama happening and the hundreds of models speaking out against the winners of the Slut Walk contest. A certain model, which has been deemed a predator, pedophile and many other names, has come in first place with no intention of going, but still wins the prize money. This model is allegedly dating a 16 year old girl, which is a slap in the face to the representation of sex workers. This model also has videos of public masturbation, the most offensive in question being one where she is in clear shot of a children’s park; with children there.
While Manyvids was quick to take away the Social Media Slayer of the Year award away from a model, after sending her the crown, the only answers that models are getting toward the predatory model is, “We’re working on it.” Some screenshots of Manyvids’ replies can be seen here:


What I and several other members and models find interesting is the fact that many videos that are reported for violating rules get taken down immediately. However, this model is a top earner and is seemingly being given special treatment and being asked to simply edit her videos so that they meet requirements. Regardless of how many models and customers are outraged and how many models are shutting down their stores because they don’t want a company like this to be a part of their brand, Manyvids still seems to be more concerned about their bottom line and the amount of money this model is bringing in, rather than anything from an ethical standpoint.
The question remains: Does the amount of money you make them equate to how many rules you can break?

What will remain a secret, at this time, is who I am. I want models, members and whoever else feels they would like to comment to be able to do so freely.

I think it is safe to say that there is enough drama that is aired publicly by models that companies do not need to get themselves involved. Members don’t want to see it from models, why would they want to see it from the very platforms that they trust their credit card information with? Big platforms engaging in drama to make themselves look better or stronger isn’t helping anything but their egos.
It certainly isn’t helping us.”

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