Saturday, 30 April 2016

Charley G

Now this sexy woman is an internationally published glamour model, you've seen her in Nuts, Mayfair and Score and no doubt you've seen her shaking a phone on TV. I'm talking about the amazing Charley G. 

JJ: Welcome to Inside the Porn. I'm excited to interview someone who is always so smiley. 

So tell me how did you get into the industry? 

Charley: I started modelling when I was 19, I had been a very chubby teenager and after a few remarks I decided to lose weight; 2 stone in total even after my weight loss I still had very large boobs so I thought why the hell not! I had two friends already in the industry who helped and guided me along the way. I guess it had always appealed me to from a young age. I've been in this industry for almost 7 years now its been easy to grow within the "adult" side as the work is offered daily and the money is awfully good.

JJ: All those people who remarked about you being chubby will be kicking themselves now when they see what changes you've made and how successful you've become. 

What's the best thing about the industry? 

Charley: The Money! I thankfully have earned well over the years but I think so far the most enjoyable part of being in this industry is meeting so many different people, making friends, travelling the world and being my own boss!

JJ: The money is amazing but I'm glad that you see more value in the people and the travelling. 

What's the worst thing about the industry? 

Charley: The industry is certainly not made for people without a backbone or quite a hard head, there's been many occasions I've wanted to throw my hands up and say "Fuck you" to it all, models, photographers, studio owners even make up artists can be rude, belittling and arrogant as can the fans. You can easily get swallowed up it in all and spat back out again. its hard not to get wrapped up in the "Glamour" life but its important to keep a level head! People think they can take advantage thats not fun.

JJ: You've got a great handle on the industry. You're someone people could learn a lot from. 

What's the funniest thing to happen to you whilst working? 

Charley: I dont know if its funny or embarrassing really, but on a amateur photo shoot we were doing some location shots in a run down old building that was covered in graffiti the pics were great! I have given you one so you can see and put it on here, towards the end of the shoot two Police officers came around the corner looking awfully awkward ! They came to check it out every now and then, they said because it can be a place for youngsters to come and cause trouble, instead of catching some teens with WKD and a pack of Mayfair cigs I was caught posing NAKED in red stripper heels ! They were polite and told us to be careful and that we should probably move on soon!

JJ: That's brilliant. I love that the police were so laid back about it though. Then again who wouldn't be haha. 

What are you doing work wise at the moment? 

Charley: I am currently still shooting for websites and amateur photographers, web camming and doing some weekends on the babe channels.

JJ: Where can people find you online? 

Charley: Google me I'm literally everywhere but I'm on Twitter @charleyg90 which has links to things like Adultwork and clips4sale 

JJ: I have to say people should really go and buy some of your clips on clips4sale. They are amazing and well worth it. 

What's the best thing about sex? 

Charley: Orgasms! obviously haha. What more can you want?? 

JJ: What really turns you on? 

Charley: Nipple sucking! im putty in your hands!

JJ: Haha well I'll make a mental note of that just in case the occasion ever arises haha.

My favourite question, what's your favourite film? 

Charley: Avengers assemble, Snatch, and most of the Will Smith movies!

JJ: I can see you're a big action fan. That's my kind of woman. Not afraid to see something explode haha. 

Where do you like to go on holiday? 

Charley: I love to go to Florida without question. It has it all. 

JJ: I'm going to Florida in August again, I'm really excited. 

Tell me one thing about yourself that I wouldn't know just by looking at you? 

Charley: This is a hard one, there's not a lot people dont know. I like cleaning ALOT lol 

JJ: Well you can work out your need to clean at my house anytime haha. 

What's been your biggest achievement in life or work so far? 

Charley: For work I have been incredibly proud of my publications, The Daily Sport, Mayfair, Nuts, Zoo and some magazines internationally, particularly Score magazine in America. 

JJ: I can see why you'd be proud of those because they are some big publications. 

What's been the hardest thing for you to overcome? 

Charley: Battling with depression, I always thought it was a made up condition that people used to excuse themselves  from working or covering up there miserable personality. When I realised I was suffering from it it took me a good year to overcome it and I was pleased to have battled it without any medication (Thanks to a friend who told me to stay well away from them) I believe its made me a nicer more positive person. 

JJ: I know all about that battle with depression too and like you was told to stay away from medication. It was a hard fight so I have a lot of respect for you. 

What's the best thing a fan has ever done for you? 

Charley: Gifts and Money have always been extremely appreciated.

JJ: What's one piece of advice you'd give to someone getting into the adult industry? 

Charley: Dont go in blind. dont be naive. its a tough industry and it will take advantage of you if you let it!

JJ: Great advice. People need to definitely heed that advice. 

What do you think you'll do once you leave the industry? 

Charley: I haven't quite made up my mind on that one but it is something I've been thinking about a lot recently. I said when I started in this industry I would stop at 30, dont know why but thats my limit. I have 5 years left! I adore animals dogs in particular (I have 4!) Dog training maybe dog grooming? I have considered becoming an emergency ambulance crew member! we'll see, maybe i'll just open up a sunbed shop haha 

JJ: Well in the future I'll either be buying a dog or visiting a suntan shop a lot haha. 

Finally, what's the weirdest rumour you've heard about yourself? 

Charley: That I was an Escort, there's nothing wrong with being an escort but I just don't do it.  

JJ: Well each to their own, but if you're not an escort people shouldn't be saying you are. It can work against you in a big way. 

It's been an absolute pleasure interviewing you and I can't wait to see even more of you this year. 

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