Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Vera Sky

Today I'm interviewing a woman who is possibly not just one of the nicest but also one of the sexiest camgirls around. She literally drives me insane in the best of ways. The amazing Vera Sky
JJ: Welcome to Inside the Porn. It's an absolute pleasure to have you with me today. 

How did you get into the industry? 

Vera: Everyone assumes Sex workers have a super sad story. Mine was simple really. A family member was having a tough time and was about to be evicted. I decided I couldn't see that happen and as I didn't have the money to help I thought I'd try camming. I followed a girl on Instagram called Sabrina Nellie and she always looked amazing and had nice things etc and I was always half naked on Instagram anyway so I thought I'd give it a shot. It's 3 years later and I'm still here. 

JJ: Wow. It was selfless to begin with by wanting to help but it's great to see that you were inspired and made it work for you. 

What's the best thing about the industry? 

Vera: The girls/models can be like a big family. You become so close to people. They're so genuine and caring. They're some of the most brace women and they are willing to stand up for the people in the camming community. 

JJ: I've been lucky enough to experience that through so many interviews with cam girls. It's inspirational to see. 

What's the worst thing about the industry? 

Vera: The guys that expect things for free or the guys that expect me to be camera ready 24 hours a day, my makeup on, wearing sexy clothes and ready to go at a moments notice. It's not realistic. If you are a guy and you want her to send nudes and have her Snapchat etc then be a gentleman, be respectful and pay us for our time and hard work. 

JJ: That's a big problem that with so much free porn out there guys are forgetting that women aren't just there to please 24/7. 
What's the funniest thing to happen to you whilst working? 

Vera: Twice this has happened to me now but whilst I was doing a girl/girl show we were using sensual oils and candles etc but it unfortunately set off the smoke alarms. We thought we'd stopped the show and turned the camera off and we were running around naked trying to stop the alarms but we hadn't turned off the camera and everyone saw us looking like crazy women. Funnily it was popular as we were one of the most popular rooms of the night. 

JJ: Hahaha now that must have been hilarious. I'd have paid just to see that. 

What are you up to workwise at the moment? 

Vera: I took a little break but I'm getting back into the flow of things. I want to start a YouTube channel if I can and I'm nominated for the Xbiz cam awards and I am hoping to get some more girl/girl shows done (without the smoke alarms) 

JJ: Sounds like you're being kept very busy but that's a very good thing. 

Where is the best place to follow you online? 

Vera: The beat place to follow me is Twitter. I do all my updates there etc. My Twitter is @veraskylive 

JJ: What's the best thing about sex? 

Vera: The best thing for me is the foreplay. The flirting and the build up. I like doing lots of teasing. All the fun stuff really. 

JJ: What are your biggest turn ons? 

Vera: My biggest turn on is intelligent men. I don't like douchy gym guys, frat guys, guys who run money in other people's faces. I'm attracted and turned on by humble guys. A guy that's sensible, smart and decent. 

JJ: Right this very second it only just clicked you were describing me. I'm so humbled haha. 
The question that everyone waits for now, what's your favourite movie? 

Vera: Oh wow.. I really liked Avatar. It was the first film I'd been to see in a while when it came out. It took my breath away and I'm really looking forward to the next one so if anyone knows when it's coming out please let me know. 

JJ: Great choice of film. I think the second one is going to be even more mind blowing if I'm honest. 

What's your favourite place to go on holiday? 

Vera: My favourite place to go on holiday is back home. I always have the most fun there. I love having my family around me. It just can't be beaten. 

JJ: I think appreciating time with family is an amazing thing and too many people forget that family is what truly matters. 

Tell me one thing about yourself I wouldn't know just by looking at you? 

Vera: I'm extremely intelligent. Not many people would know that. I went to a good Catholic school when I was younger, unfortunately though I got kicked out for defending another girl. Currently I'm going to nursing school and getting ready to finish that. 

JJ: So not only have you for brains and beauty you have a big heart too. That's the perfect woman. 
What's been your biggest achievement in life or work so far? 

Vera: My biggest achievement was probably when I was a Personal Stylist at a big store in Washington. I would work with politicians and celebrities and it was just amazing. I started at the bottom but in my first day I sold $25,000 worth of stuff to an NFL player. I quickly rose up the ranks and developed a great client list. It was a dream of mine to do something like that. 

JJ: Wow that must have been a brilliant job. I could do with a personal stylist so now I know where to go to haha. 
What's been the biggest thing you've had to overcome? 

Vera: Extreme bullying. I don't want to go into too much detail here about it but I was bullied as a kid in elementary and high school. I remember being in 6th grade and someone wrote all these horrible things about me all over the bathroom stalls. It was a horrible experience but those things helped me become the woman who I am today. 

JJ: I think that living through something like bullying can only make a person stronger and more observant of people's actions towards others around them and it allows you to stand up and say no more. 
What's the nicest thing a fan has ever done for you? 

Vera: One of my fans sent me five big boxes of roses. They were so stunning. It was amazing to wake up to roses all over my doorstep. Some of my fans have actually gone on to become friends. I don't see them as cam related people but genuine friends. It's cool you can build friendships. Another fan has sent me a return trip ticket to Hawaii to go and visit him too which is something I'm looking forward to later this year. 

JJ: It seems your fans have a lot of love for you which speaks volumes about the type of person you are. 

What's one bit of advice you'd give to someone getting into the industry? 

Vera: Don't limit yourself because you're scared of being caught. Be open and proud. If you're getting into the industry people will find out. You have to own it. I'm proud of it. My family all know which means it wouldn't be a shock to them someday. My success started coming once I realised I was proud of the work and I owned everything that comes with it. 

JJ: That's brilliant advice. If you can be proud of what you do you'll push yourself harder and further and experience true success not just financially but personally too. 
What do you think you'd do if you ever left the industry? 

Vera: I'd be a nurse or a personal stylist. However I don't think I'll ever completely leave the industry as it changed my life so much. Maybe I'll start my own website, blog or even cam company? Who knows what the future holds. 

JJ: When something changes your life so profoundly it's hard to just walk away from it for a different career. I can definitely understand that. 

Finally, what's the weirdest rumour you've heard about yourself? 

Vera: The weirdest rumour about me was apparently I was dating a well off guy and he had some famous friends, people would keep saying I was pregnant by them, or I was dating them or I was married to them. It's crazy. There was also a rumour before I started camming that I moved to Washington DC to be a sugarbaby to my ex fiance's dad. I was apparently sleeping with them both. The rumour however made it back to my family which could have caused issues but luckily it didn't. But that rumour was also false. 

JJ: People really need to find better hobbies than spreading rumours. It's such a waste of time and can do damage sometimes. 

I'm so glad we found the time to do the interview and I'm looking forward to seeing what the future holds for you. Good luck with your career. 

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