Monday, 5 March 2018

Ciri Lane

Who is Ciri Lane... This is what I asked myself at the start of this brief glimpse into her mind; this is what I found! 

Ciri: I would first like to mention that I am not in the Porn industry, whatsoever, yet have a lot of respect for it. I am a "courtesan" or otherwise known as a "low-volume" provider... my slogan being, "your
pleasure is truly my passion"...where quality is far more important than quantity. At a stunning 5'6" WITH MEASUREMENTS OF 34HH-23-33, long ravenous hair, SPARKLING BLUE EYES and LUSCIOUS FULL LIPS, my charms go beyond the merely physical, as I am an erudite and an internationally educated conversationalist who loves to be a muse, a secret confidant, and discreet companion or mistress to select gentlemen while always offering the most privately exclusive, supremely erotic, girl friend experience xxx Gentlemen of a distinguished caliber have commonly mentioned that I am "intensely sexy, profoundly sophisticated, intellectually stimulating, highly seductive and a stunning embodiment of complete erotic femininity but surprisingly VERY down to earth...THE PERFECT MISTRESS and DISCREET
 all in one".

JJ: Once I heard all that I thought I’d ask just a few questions. Leave you guys and girls wanting for more. 

What got you into the industry?

Ciri: That's an easy one, the EXTRAORDINARY calibre of gentlemen I have had the great opportunity of meeting. Learning and listening to such great minds
that I may not have ordinarily met if it weren't for this industry....I feel very blessed and grateful everyday for each new cherished introduction. I love sharing how extraordinarily proficient I am in the art of giving and receiving, whilst, making people happy is my biggest
joy...(being a bit spoiled doesn't hurt either)...wink wink. 

JJ: When you put it like that it’s clear to see why you would enjoy your work so much. 

A question a lot of  readers like to see is what's your favourite movie?

Ciri: Too many to mention as I tend to like the old classics but yet at the same time I appreciate cinematography.  So as for old time classic the award
goes to; "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and for more modern films for the cinematography the award goes to; "The Fall".

JJ: Two polar opposite films yet both great films to watch. Clearly you have good taste and take a considered approach when choosing your favourite. 

What's the worst thing about the industry?

Ciri: Lack of R-E-S-P-E-C-T.....  vulgarity and arrogance never is ok with me. Knowing to truly understand it is a shared MUTUAL experience and that I am not a toy with a "OPEN 24 HOURS" sign.  Be kind, courteous and NOT A TIMEWASTER ...Relish in the pleasure and beauty thus appreciate her like a musical instrument.  "A man is given the choice between loving women and understanding them", by Epicurean philosopher and courtesan of the 17th
century of Paris, Ninon de L'Enclos....

JJ: It’s been a while since I’ve seen that quote. A great tip of the hat to a forward thinking courtesan of her time. 

What's the best thing a fan has ever done for you?

Ciri: Just recently a client adopted a baby elephant in my name in Africa under 
the born free animal adoption UK....

JJ: That’s a very thoughtful gift. Your client clearly has a big heart to have given such a generous gift. 

Finally What's the funniest thing to happen whilst working?

Ciri: In a London hotel room, I was entertaining a client and we accidentally set the room on fire (because I had romantic candles set up everywhere). 
Security swiftly came up to the room to see what the alarm was. Meanwhile, my client, nervous as can be, hid in the nearest object he could, a tiny wardrobe closet while the security officer desperately wanting to search every tiny inch of the hotel room while I still only had a bra and panties on.... I declared "no" that it was an absolutely indecent request and told him to wait (wasn't too hard to convince him in
knickers)... after the door closes my client shuffles to the bathroom almost breaking his leg, whilst, I hid the fire evidence as best I could.The story is much longer and more funny for instance trying to hide a huge
burnt feather pillows and a melted telephone was purely out of a Monty Python movie.....giggles.

JJ: Hahaha that’s brilliant. I can imagine the security guys face turning up to find you in your underwear. He must have forgotten about the fire completely after seeing you haha. 

Thank you for a glimpse and I’m sure we are going to be talking to you again real soon. Make sure you are following her Twitter @cirilane and check her website out 


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