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Jessica Jensen

Now we've had some amazing and beautiful women on here, but today we have a model, a porn star, a prankster and an actress. She's crossed over from porn to mainstream and even appeared in Game of Thrones! In my opinion one of the most impressive women I've had the pleasure of interviewing. 

Today we are joined by the one and only Jessica Jensen. 

JJ: Hi Jessica. Welcome to Inside the Porn. I'm a bit star struck because I'm a big Game of Thrones fan. Geek I know. 

So how did you get into the adult industry? 

Jessica: I was bored in my office job and looking to make my life more exciting. Lots of people had made me feel ugly growing up so I thought it may be fun to see how far I could get if I were to try modelling. However at that point I had no idea that I would end up coming third in a national newspaper's "Girl next door" competition. This then gained me attention as I was the only "unknown" to be in the top 5.  I began attending industry events at Platinum Lace/Spearmint Rhino etc and did a few nude/open leg shoots for high end companies. My boss found out and was quick to get shot of me. As I left, the boss and another lady who worked there told me that I was not likely to make it in the modelling world, which only resulted in me becoming more determined than ever! To cut a long story short, I then thought "fuck it" and shot my first boy/girl. The rest as they say, is history.....

JJ: How wrong they were. Not only did you make it but you thrived and excelled. 

What's been the best thing about being in the industry? 

Jessica: I have made some really close friends through this job who I know I wish to remain in my life for as long as possible. I also have had the opportunity to get paid to travel the world and stay in some beautiful locations! Also of course the money is not a bad aspect of the biz either!

JJ: Finding life long friends is a big bonus from being in the industry. And travelling the world is always a good thing. 

What's been the worst thing about the industry? 

Jessica: The attitudes and egos of some people in it- Especially the males. A good percentage of the performers seem to have it in their noggins that just because they get paid to have sexual intercourse, that every female in the industry will willingly offer up their bodies to said male performers outside of work too. Also, there are a LOT of dodgy oddballs who approach models or aspiring models via social media, claiming to work for high end companies, when in reality the majority of these "producers" are sex starved, lonely balding middle aged men experiencing a mid life crisis. Oh and unsolicited"dick pics". Need I say more?

JJ: That sounds about right. There are lots of people who think being on Porn makes them every woman's dream man. And so many people want to be part of the industry in any way that they'll lie about anything just to communicate with performers

What's been the funniest thing to happen to you whilst working? 

Jessica: This didn't actually happen at a shoot, but at an industry event. I was drunk and gave some random dude my number, for reasons unknown. I sure as hell won't be making that mistake again though, as this chap took it upon himself to call me every day and leave weird voicemails about his bowel movements, then on the one occasion I did answer at 1am to tell him to chill out on the phone calls, he started telling me all about how he had been straining for the toilet all day and had just taken a massive shit!! His arse felt as though it was on fire but he felt better after he'd splattered his muck into the boghole. Needless to say, I had no other choice after this "crappy" incident but to block his number from my phone. Note to any blokes reading this who may wish to make an attempt at impressing me- Late night phone calls about your tummy troubles are not the way. 

JJ: Dammit there goes half my stories I was going to use to try and impress you haha 

So what are you doing now work wise? 

Jessica: At the moment I am still technically "in" the adult industry and have my last few shoots coming up over the next couple of months. I also have just started working as a distributor for a healthy living company which I love! (Anyone reading this can email me for more details as the products I sell really do work and I offer a 60 day money back guarantee should customers not see any health improvements). I also am pursuing my dream of becoming the uk's number one female YouTube prankster.... In a year or more I also aspire to be the world's number one! I have worked as a comedy actress for the top three uk online prank channels and have recently had a few small roles in feature films. I also blog about and occasionally do speeches, about recovery from domestic abuse, which is something I was unfortunate to suffer from very recently. 

JJ: It's great to see you making the crossover into doing what you are passionate about and talking about your domestic abuse shows your strength and bravery and makes me humbled to chat to you. 

Where can people find you online? 

Jessica: you can find me at my official website:

JJ: That's a lot of places to find you that's brilliant. You will no doubt pick up so many more fans when they read this and see the many sides of you. 

What's the best thing about sex for you? 

Jessica: Sharing an intimate, pleasurable experience with someone you love. (Casual sex and one night stands do nothing for me).

JJ: The connection is always something that increases the pleasure. 

What's your favourite film? 

Jessica: I've recently watched The Hunger Games films and love them, especially the first one!

JJ: I've only seen the first one. I'm going to make a point to watch the others now. 

What's your favourite place to go on holiday? 

Jessica: I have only ever been on holiday abroad twice, to Benidorm and Amsterdam. Throughout my childhood and teens it was always Butlins in Minehead every July, first week of the school holidays without fail. I have many a happy memory in good ol' Zomerzet, so I'm going to say Butlins on this one, as sad as that sounds! I absolutely adore Spain though and once I get over my fear of flying again, I will definitely be going back!

JJ: I have to say I love Butlins Minehead. I've been there as a kid and been back for adults only weekends like the 80s weekends. They're usually a lot of fun. 

So tell me one thing about yourself that I wouldn't know by looking at you? 
Jessica: I'm (now not so) secretly pretty insecure for a few reasons. Some of which I'm happy to discuss and some I would rather just forget about! Everyone seems to think I am so confident and self assured. 
JJ: I think if you don't have insecurities you're probably not human. Lots of people have them but you seem to be stronger for being able to recognise them

What's been your biggest achievement in life or work? 

Jessica: In my working life I would say being given a small role in series 3 of Game Of Thrones and in my private life battling through depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which I still suffer from, as a result of my sadistic, abusive ex boyfriend. Also I am proud that I have gone on to be successful in life as lots of people were nasty about me when I first entered the industry, saying I am not attractive enough and other rather peculiar things. However who is still on the scene three years later? Not those silly splodgers, that's for sure! 

JJ: You are resilient. You've gone about proving so many people wrong and the way you talk openly about your history is genuinely touching. 

What's been the most challenging thing you've had to overcome? 

Jessica: A severely psychologically, financially and emotionally abusive relationship with a male performer twice my age. There are no other words to describe this man other than a sadistic, evil sociopath. He would make me give him money as a "fine" if I did something he didn't like (Ya know, really mental fucked up shit like drinking water on the London Underground, or speaking above a whisper). When I finally decided I needed to leave else risk facing an early grave, I had next to nothing. He managed to extract me of next to all of the savings that my parents had been putting aside for me over the years and left me with severe anxiety and PTSD along with depression which I've suffered from for a few years now. I have been 6+ months with no contact with the lunatic now and have never felt better! I have amazing family and friends around me, and he is a 49 year old man, living in a tiny room at his mate's house, scrounging off women half his age. I'll say no more on the matter....... But if you want to read the full story then there is an 8 part blog about it on my website.

JJ: I hope everyone goes and reads your blog on your website. I'm glad you got out of it and I'm glad you have the strength to talk about it. And if anyone reads this and finds the strength to get away it'll be worth it. 

What's the best thing a fan has ever done for you? 

Jessica: When I was at rock bottom at Christmas 2014, a fan bought me a 2015 year calendar with photos of hamsters on. I love hamsters and have had many of them growing up!

JJ: Sometimes it's the smallest things that make the biggest difference. 

So what made you change your career direction? 

Jessica: After my ex I just wanted to move away and start a new life which is exactly what I have done! I always knew that porn wasn't "for" me and I knew it came across in my videos. I have always wanted to be a mainstream actress and have a lot of experience in it. I am also extremely sarcastic and make people laugh daily so to pursue a comedy career was a no brainer for me really. I also know that adult performers, especially females have a "shelf life" before everyone has shot them and need new supply. I turn 25 next week and have been in the biz for 3 years so knew my sell by date would be approaching soon. 

JJ: Well happy birthday beautiful for next week Hun. I've a feeling you're going to take off in a big way. 

What are your aspirations now you've gone mainstream? 

Jessica:  I want to go on to be the top female prankster in the uk and eventually the world! I want to show all the people who have done me wrong that I am not as ugly/stupid/unstable as they have claimed I am. I feel nothing but pure hatred for a few individuals I have had the misfortune to encounter over the course of my career, and I want to go on to be a respected and recognised public figure. Eventually I would love a film to be made of my life and career (As vain as that sounds, I know) as I sure as hell have had some experiences worth sharing. I would also like to write a book about my personal experiences with domestic abuse and eventually I do intend to write an autobiography. I would also love to work my way up the ladder in my part time sales job and maybe one day become a manager! 

JJ: You're very driven and you've got 10 lifetimes worth of experience to write about and I'll be the first person in line to read a book of your life. 

What's been the hardest thing about changing your career direction? 

Jessica: Definitely the stigma of having been involved to the extent that I have been within the adult industry. I approached one casting director with my showreel and he appeared impressed. However after buddying up with good old Google search, he discovered that I am not quite the fresh faced, clean cut enthusiastic young woman I'd attempted to portray myself to him as, and he (not so) politely, declined my proposition. 
Another annoying thing is when I am chatting with other YouTubers via social media and they too, look me up online. i was having a really nice chat with one guy, about pranks and acting etc, then out of nowhere I suddenly received a message saying "OMG ur a pornstar too loooooooool least you won't be shy lmfao". Needless to say, our conversation ended there. 
I would say though, that in all honesty, the people who really matter, for example film directors/casting agents/journalists and reputationable online bloggers etc are fully aware of my past but take me at face value. They can see that I am a well educated, hard working individual and treat me with the respect I treat them with. I know I will always face discrimination, but I know I have the charisma and the personality to plough through as I have done many times before. I mean, how many pale, skinny big nosed Bristolian porn actresses turned pranksters exist in this world? I would rather be controversial and spoken about than be everyone's best friend and remain forever in the background! 
JJ: I have a feeling that you are going to be talked about for a long time, good and bad but you've got one of the best personalities I've come across in a while and I know you could handle anything that's thrown at you. 

Finally Jessica. What's the weirdest rumour you've heard about yourself? 
Jessica: Oh gosh where do I begin? Some of the weirdest shit ever I have heard about myself! When I won the award for "Best Newcomer" in 2012 less than a year of being in the industry, a few people were saying I shouldn't have won as I am weird looking, an alcoholic and various other strange and unnecessary accusations as to how I won, that a normal, emotionally stable human being wouldn't consider publicly writing. I appreciate that I'm not everyone's cup of tea, but a few people have taken it a bit far. I like to refer to individuals like this as "not rights". 
Another incredible rumour I have heard came from a performer who let's just say to the mainstream porn industry would be considered nothing short of "downmarket". She has had it in for me ever since I had to cancel a shoot with her last minute a couple of years ago. She announced via social media that I fabricated my whole relationship with my abusive ex and that I am deluded and mentally unstable. Some other extremely cruel remarks came out of her mouth also, but they were quite personal, so I do not wish to further broadcast them, if ya get what I mean. Apparently my ex denies we were ever together, which I am aware of. I know the reason for this is because I outed him as being a narcissist and an abuser, so of course he has to try and make me out to be the crazy one! Anyhow, I do feel sorry for this young "lady" as clearly she is a few fries short of a happy meal, a few hairs missing from a hippy's beard, and most definitely is not the full Shard. In other words, she is one of the biggest "not right"s I have ever met, and a complete fruitloop. The irony too is that she actually fabricated to some extent a "relationship" with my ex's housemate- I respect the man so won't splatter his private business on here, but I really do pity the girl, as it appears that she can only gain attention to herself, by bad mouthing other people. 
Well let me just state that this "unstable", "ugly", "not high standard enough", "pisshead" is still here earning a small fortune surrounded by amazing friends and family three years later, with a whole amazing future ahead of her, filled with confidence she never knew she had and pursuing her dream career in the mainstream media. I don't think she needs a piece of metal with her name engraved on to inform her that she is, in no uncertain terms, a winner. 
JJ: Well I'm certainly impressed with how you've taken the negativity that's been thrown at you and used it to drive you to success. You've been very open and shown your heart today which is sexier than any scene that exists. So thank you. 

Hope you have an amazing 2016 as if anyone deserves it it's you 

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  1. A lovely piece, packed with open hearted responses from a clearly very bright and optimstic woman.her beauty is what's going on inside as much as it is on the unjaded outside..