Sunday, 31 January 2016

Samantha Sanders

Guys today I have the pleasure of interviewing this glamour model/ adult performer. She has an amazing 34 JJ set of tits. You've seen her on S66 and she's here today. The very sexy and very naughty Samantha Sanders. 

JJ: Hi Samantha. Welcome to inside the porn. It's a pleasure to have you with us. 

So how did you get into the industry? 

Samantha: I won a competition in a newspapers for Page 3 girls and then I signed with an agency.

JJ: That must have been a confidence boost to win a competition and the career to take off from there. 

What's been the best thing about the industry? 

Samantha: I love the work and most of the people are lovely, I have met some really nice people and getting paid to have sex is also a bonus!

JJ: Well getting paid to have sex is a bonus and a half that's for sure haha. 

What's the worst thing about the industry? 

Samantha: There can be some nasty jealous people out there that make the work less enjoyable sometimes. 

JJ: Unfortunately, some people fail to realise we should be trying to raise each other on this industry. 

What's the funniest thing to happen to you whilst working?

Samantha: Whilst I was working for Score In Miami we were shooting a scene outside and all of a sudden the photographer said "dont move keep still and a big black snake appeared from the rocks - apparently it was a highly venemous snake. I was scared stiff at the time but looking back it was quite funny.

JJ: I'm not a fan of snakes in general so if have been petrified haha

So what are you doing for work at the moment? 

Samantha: I am working for Studio 66 Cougar TV in London  (Sky channel 940)  presenting and taking phone calls.  Also just come back from Prague where I was shooting with Score Group.  I am shooting scenes and stills in Essex this weekend.  Also kept very busy with web cam work.

JJ: Well I'm not surprised you're so busy you're someone who loves the work. 

Where can people find you online? 

Samantha: You can follow me on twitter @sammysanders666 and also find me on Adult work at   You can also find me on  I am just working on my own website at the minute. 

JJ: Lots of places to see you then and buy your work. I'm looking forward to seeing your own website when it's finished. 

What's the best thing about sex? 

Samantha: Everything I love it.

JJ: Well that's very useful in this industry 

And what really turns you on? 

Samantha: I love fore play and especially oral sex.

JJ: Oral sex .. A favourite of soooo many people. What's your biggest turn off? 

Samantha: A man with bad odour.

JJ: My favourite question now. What's your favourite film? 

Samantha: Pretty Woman

JJ: A classic film. Great choice. 

What's your favourite holiday destination? 

Samantha: Cuba. It's amazing amazing place to see. 

JJ: I love Havana. It's an amazing city. 

Tell me one thing about yourself that I wouldn't know just by looking at you

Samantha: I'm a Lawyer and a successful show jumper.

JJ: Yep, I'd have never have guessed that. 

And what's been your biggest achievement so far? 

Samantha: First time I appeared on page 3 in UK, working for Score Group in USA and working on studio 66 TV.

JJ: They are some impressive achievements. 

What are the biggest things you've had to overcome? 

Samantha: When you work in porn you can get a lot of abuse which I rise above I am very proud of what I do and have no regrets.

JJ: Well the abuse isn't always easy to ignore but glad to hear you can rise above it. 

What's the best thing a fan has done for you? 

Samantha: All my fans are special and all the messages and tweets mean a lot.

JJ: What do you think you'll do after you leave the industry?

Samantha: I still work as a lawyer so always have other options.

JJ: It's great to have something solid like that to fall back on when you leave the industry. 

Finally, what's the weirdest rumour you've heard about yourself? 

Samantha: That my boobs are fake when they are so obviously real!!

JJ: Having seen them I'll have to say they are as real as they come haha. 

Thanks for taking the time to join us here on Inside the Porn. Always a pleasure to have such a sexy woman with us. Have a great 2016. 

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