Monday, 24 October 2016

Tiffany Snow

Today I'm interviewing one of the most popular escorts in the U.K.  She knows how to please, his to tease and appears to be very excited to be here today letting you all find out a bit more about her. Welcome the sexy Tiffany Snow. 
JJ: Welcome to Inside the Porn. It's a pleasure to have you here today. 

What got you into the adult industry?  

Tiffany: Swinging, I realised I was bisexual at a young age but I was 18 and still had never been with a woman before so after hearing about a swingers club near me I decided to go, it was so much fun I went back again and I was meeting headmasters, Police Officers, Lawyers and other intelligent, friendly, professional couples and guys. Even though I only played with women it was pretty obvious how popular I was from the looks I got from guys and it occurred to me that I could probably make money doing this as swinging is actually quite expensive, travel, drinks, club entry, sexy outfits. I had a full time more “normal” job already and had been working since 16. I thought I would get about 10 guys want to see me and then they would get bored and move on. I had no idea how many guys love to see girls for no strings sex fun but I soon found out and it went from there.

JJ: Swinging seems to be a way quite a few people got into the industry. It's a good way to get a feel for things. 
What's the best thing about the industry?  

Tiffany: The obvious answer is the money but for me it's actually the freedom to work when I want, however much I want and see who I want. People think escorts are desperate and will see anyone, anytime for money but reality is the demand is so high the we turn down far more requests to meet then we actually do. Those with no clue about sex work say it’s exploitative for women but its actually the most empowering profession for women as you don’t need a man to get into this work, you don’t need to compete with men in the work place and the financial independence it brings means you are not reliant on a man so when you do date a guy its genuinely because you like him and not because he has a nice car or money like so many women do and then turn their noses up at “sex for money” without seeing the irony. 

JJ: That's a great point. I think some of the nicest people are in the industry and they see guys for the person they are and not always just their looks or their money. 

What's the worst thing about the industry?  

Tiffany: The media portray so much negativity about this industry but its actually a really fun job to do and the people you meet both guys and other girls who do this are some of the nicest people I have ever met. The worst thing is those handling the constant demand to see me which is 24/7 and 365 days a year. I get about 30 to 50 requests to meet on Christmas Day. It would be fine if guys understood this but many guys can be funny with you if you are not able to see them and then of course there are the sex talkers who don’t realise you’ve already had about 5000 other guys try the exact same thing to get free sex talk out of me and its so obvious they have no intention of seeing me. I just politely end the call and block them, it’s always best to be polite to everyone, even abusive callers.

JJ: That just shows how professional you are and I like the fact that is the way you handle things. You're right about the number of nice people in the industry. More people should realise that the adult industry isn't just full of stuck up people. 
What's the funniest thing to happen whilst working? 

Tiffany: Myself and other girls have so many stories about funny incidents that I always joke I should write a book about escorts funniest moments though many are so bizarre that I don’t think many people outside of this industry would believe them. We had a young, tall, well hung good looking guy who had been pestering me for ages on twitter about what an amazing stud he was and how he wanted to come fuck me and my friend on webcam and show us the time of our lives. He really did give the big one about how amazing he was at sex. He was good looking and we do use guys for camming sometimes, they get free sex with two hot girls and we get to do a great show and keep the credits. Anyway he turns up and he’s so young, mayby 18 or 19  but tall, big dick and good looking. Me and Lola get on cam in our sexy underwear and start doing lesbian stuff and invite him to join us which he does but he couldn’t get hard. No matter what we did this “Super Stud” could not even get slighty hard. You could see the panic is his eyes. I gave him a Viagra and took him downstairs on my own, off camera to play with him to help him get hard in case it was the being on cam bit but nothing was happening. Lola had a go whilst I went back and cammed but still nothing. Lola takes it really personally if a guy can’t get hard as she does the best blowjobs I have ever seen and I’ve seen a lot of girls give them. She bought him back upstairs and just left him standing there limp whilst the guys watching us on cam were telling us how they would come over and fuck us properly if he couldn’t and even doing cam to cam with us so we could see them rock hard and wanking till they came. I think it just made him feel worse. I’ve worked with a few guys and no one talked himself up as much as this guy and no one failed to perform so badly. After 2 hour show was finished he went home making excuses as he left. I was really understanding but Lola could barely hide her contempt. He regrets it so much that he had the chance to have sex with two hot girls but was too overlwhelmed with nerves to do it and has been messaging me regularly asking for a second chance. He even got into swinging so he could practice performing on demand with total strangers but Lola would never have him back. If he’d been more modest I think we’d have given him a second chance as it can happen to anyone but he was so cocky and confident he was going to rock our world that he just looked a little foolish.

JJ: I hope he's not reading this because he will be feeling extremely silly. 

What are you doing now work wise?  

Tiffany: I train full time to compete in female fitness competitions so that takes up most of my time and then I just do meets around that to suit my day. Its great having that freedom to work when it suits me. I do a lot of work with other girls and help them out a lot so you can see me do tours to big cities like London, Birmingham and various airports but mostly work from home as it’s just so convenient. 
JJ: Where can people find you online? 

Tiffany: I have a profile on Adultwork at… with all my video’s, photos, blogs, details, contact phone number and rates and its free to view without having to join up so guys can arrange to meet from the information on that site. I'm also on Twitter @tiffanysnowxxx

JJ: Guys go and find this amazing woman. She will certainly leave you wanting more. 
What's the best thing about sex? 

Tiffany: There are so many things that are great with sex and sometimes the least likely of guys end up giving me such amazing orgasms, it really is about technique and not looks. I think the best thing though is that sex one of those things that everyone enjoys no matter who they are. 90% of the guys who see me are the same guys most people would say “He’d never pay for sex”. I see people of all backgrounds, including a lot of attractive, young professional couples looking to try a threesome experience with a genuine bisexual girl. I am one of the few girls who enjoys sex with women so much I don’t charge any extra to bring your partner with you.

JJ: I think that it's good to see you love women so much that you don't charge extra for couples. That's a true sign of how much you like it. 
What really turns you on? 

Tiffany: Ironically I love big boobs, I don’t have or want them for myself, I like my own perky ones but I just love playing with other girls big boobs. There’s so many girls I talk to about work or actually do threesome meets with and they probably don’t realise that I am enjoying the sex with them as much as the guy is. I’ve never wanted to date a girl or even be affectionate with one but when it comes to hot, filthy, horny, naughty girl on girl sex I love it.

JJ: There isn't anyone reading this who didn't just get hot under the collar. I'm struggling now asking the rest of the questions. 

The important question now, what is your favourite film? 

Tiffany: I love so many films, I think the 2002 film “The Secretary” had a huge impact on me as it made me realise that I love submissive roleplay and submissive sex. I can do domination really well but I love total submission, I’d love to do it with a girl. Its really hard to find people who genuinely understand it and are into it as much as I am as it’s not something you can fake as unless you understand the role of a dominant and what it is the submissive wants you’ll just go through the motions and get bored of it as its about teasing and anticipation and turning someone on psychologically rather than just doing something physical to them. That film where he dominated his secretary and she willingly became his submissive was a real eye opener to the young teenage girl that I was.

JJ: I have I to say I'm a big fan of that film too. It appeals to my Dominant side in a big way.  

What's your favourite holiday destination? 

Tiffany: I love nudist beaches and hate tan lines. Holidays for me have to be sunny, hot, relaxing with great food so I may go just a few hours flight away or 16 hours flight away. I don’t go for luxury either, the hotel is just somewhere to sleep so I find a modest place to stay and then spend my money on exploring and eating out at restaurants to see the most of where I am. I couldn’t imagine going all-inclusive and not leave the hotel.  

JJ: I'm not surprised you're adventurous at heart. It's great to see you make the most of the places you visit. I bet going on holiday with you would be a lot of fun. 
Tell me one thing about yourself that people would never know by looking at you? 

Tiffany: I can squat 100 kilos and lift more weight than most average guys in the gym. I am also a really down to earth and friendly person who just wants to enjoy life, I am not motivated by material things but understand you need money just to get by in life. I would rather lose money than lose a friend and am very loyal to the friends I do have. I think most guys who meet me are always surprised how friendly and easy to talk to I am, when guys cancel meets due to nerves it always really surprises me that anyone could be nervous about meeting me.

JJ: I have to say you've been so lovely and down to earth. I can imagine you're an amazing friend to have. 

What's been your biggest achievement in life or work? 

Tiffany: I got into the adult industry 4 years ago with no previous experience, no connections and no one to guide me or give me advice. I tried writing to other girls asking for any advice and tips but most just ignored my emails and some wrote back that I was too inexperienced for them to want to do anything with me work wise. Now 4 years later I have a profile that has been within the top 10 most popular profiles on Adultwork every day for almost 3 years, only one other profile has been able to be as consistently popular  as that and they have been on Adultwork twice as long do adult modelling and films so are much more well-known than me. I have built up a large network of really good friends in this industry many of whom want to work with me even though they have achieved a lot of success in the adult entertainment industry and by rights who much more celebrity status than me in the world of sex. They have become genuine friends to me too and not just work colleagues which I am really proud of. I feel like I was able to go from a “nobody” as one porn model once called me to being a successful escort with a hugely loyal client and friendship group and feel that I have not had to fuck anyone over to do that which is why I have retained so many friends.

JJ: That is a great achievement. It goes to show what hard work and professionalism can get you. 
What's been the most challenging thing you've overcome? 

Tiffany: Learning how to do this job with no guidance at all. I used to watch the “Punter Meet” porn series to learn what I was supposed to be doing lol. Fortunately I love sex and am really friendly and think that comes across in my meets. As no one offered to help me I decided that I would always help anyone who came to me so I was able to build up a really good group of escort and porn star friends who tour with me, come work at my place or even just meet up to socialise together. I feel really lucky to have some really good friends from this industry and I am still offering advice and help to other girls now as well as learning from and benefiting from the experiences of my friends. Not everyone who does this is nice and friendly as some girls see other girls purely as competition but I have found that you can more successful with friends than by competing with others.

What's the best thing a fan has ever done for you? 

Tiffany: I am really bad at accepting gifts from people I am not very materialistic, I once gave a virgin his money back as he was too nervous to do anything, so I feel a little guilty having asked someone to pay to see me and they then give a gift as well as that’s really not necessary. I have been given some really nice things which I do really appreciate and am grateful for. I know many girls really pursue the gifts thing and I can appreciate that guys like to treat women but I just feel pleased they choose to see me so I don’t expect anything. I got a £1500 Sybian Sex machine once which was a bit of a surprise as they are very specialist bits of kit. I do really, really love and appreciate flowers though and after I get them I put them in a nice jar and enjoy them for the few weeks they stay alive and am always genuinely pleased someone thought to get me them.

JJ: Sometimes it's the little things that mean so much. Flowers are always a nice touch I feel. 
What's one bit of advice for anyone wanting to get into the adult industry?  

Tiffany: Always be polite and friendly and treat each person you meet well as word does get out about you and guys will usually see several girls but once they find one that they really like they will see them again and again as they’d rather have a meet they know they will really enjoy than take the risk of seeing someone new just for it to be a disappointment. I know a lot of girls who are very methodical about working and purely driven by getting as much money as possible without any care about how they do their meets but that will only work for a short period of time before guys stop seeing you. I would say 50% of everyone I see has seen me before and I can often get other girls work with my regulars on my recommendation which is useful as I work with a few different female friends. Being friendly to other girls will also help you out a lot too as having friends who do this all over the UK can benefit you in so many ways; even if it’s just showing professional courtesy to other girls they’ll appreciate you doing so and be less wary of you and your intentions. The other piece of advice is that girls should never think their rate is a direct reflection of them as a person. Too many girls wont lower their rates out of pride but will instead go days without seeing  anyone where as if they just lowered their rate they could have been busy all day long and earned a lot more. I work with some really expensive girls and some modestly priced girls and often the lower rate girls earn more money over the period of time they are working.

JJ: That's great advice. Some real life advice for people to consider. It's no wonder you so so well. 
What do you think you'll do after you leave the industry? 

Tiffany: It’s difficult to say as I love what I do. I know girls that are dying to quit for various reasons but the money keeps pulling them back in as nothing else compares to it. I will say this is one industry where despite what people say you can do it for the rest of your life as many guys who see escorts do so as much for their personality and wanting to spend time with a woman on their level than for amazing sex. Most guys are smart enough to know if they are over 40 and out of shape then that 18 year old hot blonde model isn’t really having an orgasm with them (unless you have amazing oral skills) so they would rather see a woman who they can related to and who will enjoy their company. Many people believe its women who want more than just sex but most women I know are perfectly capable of having  meaningless sex all day long and it not mean a thing where as men tend to want something a little more than looks and will meet will choose to see women that they get on with well. I think I would love to focus more on fetish style meets as that’s a personal passion of mine and explore that scene a lot more. I love sex that doesn’t involve physical sex but mental erotic stimulation. It’s much more of a turn to do complex sexual scenarios that play on the various psychological aspects of sex such as domination, submission, anticipation, subservience, control, humiliation, and all the other various aspects of sexuality that nearly everyone has experience of to a greater or lesser degree but is just not always aware of it like why it is they want to spank a girls bum or have in handcuffs. The beauty of this work is if you only did 1 or 2 meets a week you would still earn slightly above national average earnings and its really not difficult to achieve that regardless of age, shape, type or any other factor, there will always be someone who will want to see you.  If I do ever want to quit though I can just look at any number of courses out there as I have 4 A Levels so can just retrain as something else or go to university and live off doing 1 or 2 meets a month. 

JJ: Well it appears you have a plan in place for when or if you decide to give it up. Someone as driven as you won't struggle after you leave the industry. 
Finally, what's the weirdest rumour you've heard about yourself? 

Tiffany: Fortunately I get a lot of nice things said about me by people as guys get in touch saying I was recommended to them, even guys who live hours away. I get a lot weird request from clients, I saved all my messages and there are 3 different people who come to mind for weirdness. The first is a guy who pastes a link to video of him stuffing 9 Cadburys cream eggs up his ass and then some kind of strange idea about how I can make money by uploading his video and selling it to people. The other is a guy who wants to be my live in slave butler who won’t take no for an answer and can’t understand why I wouldn’t be interested. He even said he could provide professional references from a family he worked for. Then there is a guy who since I started doing this 4 years ago just send the same message over and over saying “can you kick me in the balls”. No matter what I reply, whether its to say yes or no or even no reply at all that’s all he writes and has been messaging me with that same message me for 4 years. A lot of guys complain online at the rudeness of some girls who escort but they don’t realise that a girl may have had hundreds of texts and calls from weird guys asking weird random things and it’s possible that whatever they said to her made her think it was another weirdo and so she may have responded rudely. I make it rule to either not reply or to politely decline and then never reply again as being rude to people often makes it worse. I had a friend in tears once as she had paid out all this money to tour London and this guy kept calling her every 30 seconds non-stop blocking all other people trying to call her and this was before iPhones allowed you to block numbers so she couldn’t stop the guy calling at all.  So she got in touch with me on her personal phone asking for help and I talked her though how to set the phone up to divert automatically to another number and then got her to enter the number for a desk Sgt in the police force so every time he rang a policeman would answer. It wasn’t long before he stopped trying to call her and she could get back to work. Calls for time wasters and weirdo’s is the single biggest frustration of girls who do this work. They will happily have sex with guy after guy all day long but when it comes to dealing with calls and texts they hate it.

JJ: Thank you so much for taking the time out to be with me today and for such amazing answers. You've been an absolute delight and I most certainly owe you a drink sometime soon. 

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