Thursday, 6 April 2017

Breya Lynn

Today we have one of Las Vegas' sexiest women. She's a travel companion, courtesan, globe trotter and all round lovely and sexy woman. She's the amazing Breya Lynn 
JJ: Welcome to Inside the Porn. You're from my favourite place in the world so instantly I'm excited to have you with us today. 

What got you into the adult industry? 

Breya: I got into this industry somewhat on accident. It all started with a dare from my friends. When I was 17 years old there was this strip club in my town. My friends dared me to go try to get a job. I wasn't actually old enough, however the club didn't seem to mind. I walked in one day and I asked if I could be a dancer.  I was only going to do it once and then tell my friends all about it.  They hired me on the spot and told me to get on stage.  I honestly had no clue you had to get topless I was told that about 4 minutes before I went on stage.  The manager said to me "make sure you are topless by the 2nd song" so I just did it without really thinking.  After that night I thought it was the best job in the world it felt like one big party.  I ended up meeting guys in the club who wanted to date me for money.  To be quite honest the idea never seemed taboo to me at all.  It just seemed normal and I've been happily doing it ever since.  

JJ: Well you are certainly in your element. You have everything someone would look for in a woman. 

What's the best thing about the industry? 

Breya: I believe the best thing about this industry is the independence it gives you.  I never depend on anyone else to make my dreams and goals happen I look at myself and think what can I do to make sure I get to the place I want to.  I also get to choose who I would like to spend my time with.  Although there is money involved a lot of the people I hang out with are some of the best people I've ever met.  I enjoy hearing about their lives.  I even enjoy hearing about their families.  I feel like we are truly a part of each others lives in that moment and I couldn't imagine wanting to do anything else. 

JJ: The best people are the ones who take an interest in people's lives. They love that feeling of connection and can make other people feel that too. It's not easy to do so it's no small wonder why you're so successful. 
What's the worst thing about the adult industry? 

Breya: The cons of this industry are different for every lady.  For me personally the worst thing is the perception people sometimes have on you.  I find relationships are hard to have because friends even when they don't say it are judging you. I noticed that is one of the reasons in my personal life I do tend to isolate myself.  I do this because I want to, not because I have to.  No one is making me, I'm not unclean and I'm not addicted to anything.  Also people who assume you are running around with STI's it couldn't be further from the truth since I am a professional I take better care of myself and use more caution then normal girls falling in love every night at the club.  I am way safer then an average girl when it comes to my body and what I choose to do with it.  

JJ: The misconceptions of girls in the industry are so outdated. They're still thinking about the industry 30 years ago. Some of the most kindhearted, intelligent, inspiring people work in the adult industry and I'm lucky to call many of them my friend. 
What's the funniest thing to happen to you whilst working? 

Breya: The funniest thing to me that has happened while working... hmmm there's a lot.  This one time specifically stands out.  I went on a date with a guy and one thing lead to another then when I went to take off my beautiful white dress ( one of my favorites ) the zipper completely broke!  I had to walk through the entire hotel with the back of my dress totally open and get into my car! 

JJ: Wardrobe failures are never good. Especially when you know you have to walk through a public place. I'm sure no-one would have complained getting a glimpse of you though. 

What are you doing work wise at the moment? 

Breya: Work wise this is it!  I love what I do and I do it full time.  I have other business ventures I do keep private to protect my privacy.  However this is my focus and I plan to be here for awhile.  

JJ: Everyone just cheered because they are happy to hear you'll be sticking around for a while to come. 

Where's the best place for people to find you online? 

Breya: I think its great when people want to follow me and see what I'm up to!  I think the best place would be twitter @breyalynn1 I always post my tours and all the other fun things I'm up to! 
What's the best thing about sex? 

Breya: The best thing about sex... I'm more of a lady who kisses and never tells.  I will say though there is something that is the best with every single person.  There's no way for me to really give one solid answer.  It changes and varies by person. 

JJ: Very intriguing. This is a conversation that will continue privately haha.

What really turns you on? 

Breya: As typical as this may sound a turn on for me is truly personality.  If I can't feel a connection on some level its hard.  I love talking and getting to know someone starting with a drink or a dinner.  When a guy is a gentlemen its so much easier to feel that rush of excitement.  

JJ: I agree. Being a gentleman is something all women can appreciate (I hope) it's something that lets a woman truly let go of herself. 

The question I'm most intrigued to hear the answer to is ... what's your favourite film? 

Breya: My favorite movie is and always will be beauty and the beast.  I love those classic fairy tales.  

JJ: I'm not surprised you like those kind of films. It reflects your personality greatly. 

Where is your favourite place to go on holiday? 

Breya: I'm blessed to be able to have seen a lot of the world.  I think my favorite holiday destination would have to be London.  I love the city and find it to be an amazing time.  ( also its great that they all speak english with those adorable accents ).

JJ: Well on your next visit to London dinner is in me. You can listen to my adorable British accent all night long. 
Tell me one thing about yourself I wouldn't know just by looking at you? 

Breya: The one thing people probably wouldn't know about me is that I'm actually extremely shy.  I've been told I don't act it, but in my mind I feel shy.  I also don't love attention as much as it seems.  That's one of the reasons I like social media so much I can express myself, but I never truly have to be put face to face with more then one person at a time.  This is the reason I don't do things like bachelor parties I hate all that attention. 

JJ: I wouldn't have guessed that. You carry yourself so sophisticatedly that I assumed you were very confident. 

What's been your biggest achievement in life or work so far? 

Breya: My biggest achievement I would have to say is meeting so many goals that I never thought I would at this age.  I own a home and a beautiful car.  I'm involved in other businesses that I'll have forever.  At 25 I've really been able to set my life up and my future. All thanks to that one dare!  

JJ: It's crazy how one decision can turn your whole life around. Just imagine if you'd turned that dare down? Who knows what life would be like now. 
What's the most challenging thing you've had to overcome? 

Breya: The most challenging thing I've overcome is online lies and ridicule.  I've had things written about me by a jealous ex boyfriend who treated me beyond awful.  I've also had things written about me by girls for no reason.  I think we should all support one another not bring each other down.  The craziest thing that I've really seen is men who say negative comments to me.  Grown men you just wouldn't expect to talk about you.  Men that are in their 30's 40's posting negative things about a 25 year old girl who they have never in their life met.  That always gets to me I find it very strange.  

JJ: The internet has given us many great things in life. However there are a minority that use it purely to cause suffering to people who don't deserve it. I'm sure anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting you or talking to you can see what a beautiful person you are inside and out. 

What's the best thing a fan has ever done for you? 

Breya: The best thing a fan has ever done for me... there's so many great things people do so I really can't just pick one.  I will say though when someone goes out of their way to make sure I'm going to have fun and takes true interest in me I find it to be incredibly romantic and I love that.  

JJ: Romance is never dead despite the number of people who assume a dick pic is the height of romance these days. 

What's one piece of advice you'd give to someone getting into the industry? 

Breya: The best advice I can give girls who want to be a part of the adult industry whether its escorting, dancing, porn, I would just say make sure you are doing it for you.  Keep your intentions good.  Don't let it all get to your head and start looking at men like they are not people anymore.  No man wants to be treated like an ATM.  Stand up for yourself and don't take any mistreatment, but also make sure you are providing an experience that makes them realize why you are a luxury.  It is hard to find the balance, but once you find it you are golden.  This is one of the reason I am such a fan of set rates theres no hustling theres not awkwardness.  If someone chooses to pay me more its very appreciated, but its never expected.  

JJ: That's amazing advice. You have a great understanding of what it takes to give someone an experience and that's what guys want. 
What do you think you'll do once you leave the industry? 

Breya: I love the industry so much, however when I do choose to leave I would love to do something with fitness.  I love yoga and pilates and I think I would make one hot yoga instructor! Hahaha

JJ: I've never wanted to take up yoga before but the second you become a yoga instructor I'm moving and becoming a daily yoga lesson taker haha.

Finally, what's the weirdest rumour you've heard about yourself? 

17.  I've heard and read a lot of things I've been very confused by.  I think the biggest "rumour" if you want to call it that has been in some reviews ( which I no longer allow whatsoever. )  There was one about me possibly having some type of foursome.  I don't knock what other girls want to do, but I will say right now that has and never will be my thing.  I am a one on one kind of girl.  Unless of course its a social event I'm attending with someone.  One person at a time please!

JJ: Reviews are something that guys like to exaggerate sometimes. It's completely pointless. At least anyone reading this now knows what kind of woman you are. 

Thank you so much for taking the time out to be with me today. I know how busy you get so I greatly appreciate it. Next time you're in London we'll have dinner my treat as a thank you.  

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  1. if you like what u r doing ? would you do it for free.its all about money there is no career ,its all about one using their assets.dont blame hardworking genuine people,they are not comfoartable selling their body everyday and night. we respect your decision you are beautiful and you are cashing on the asset you have.