Monday, 17 April 2017

Simone Ashton

Carrying on the recent theme of amazing women from Australia. Today I'm joined by the very sexy, intelligent, caring Simone Ashton. 
JJ: Welcome to Inside the Porn. It's a pleasure to have you with us today.

What got you into the adult industry?
Simone:  I was twenty years old, had just gotten out of a long-term relationship, and was a broke uni student looking for money and adventure. I had a friend who was a stripper and she lived in a fabulous apartment and collected art and wore outrageous designer clothes. I wanted that lifestyle, but I wasn’t brave enough to dance on stage so I tried escorting instead and loved it. 

JJ: It appears you made the right choice though as is appears to be going well for you. 
What's the best thing about the industry?
Simone: The people you meet. First of all the other girls – a lot of people assume it must be bitchy and competitive but for the most part I’ve found other sex workers to be some of the kindest, funniest, warmest, smartest, and quirkiest people I’ve met. Also because what we do is still relatively ‘taboo’, and a lot of us live secret lives, people who work in this industry tend to form close bonds with each other – we tell each other everything! And the clients – I get to meet and talk to all sorts of interesting people from all walks of life. I’ve gained so much insight about life, relationships, and sexuality from my clients. And I get to have tons of sex as well! There’s a lot to love about my work. 

JJ: It sounds like you're really enjoying what you do and from what you've said I can totally see why. 
What's the worst thing about the industry? 
Simone: Living a secret life. I am ‘out’ to some of my friends but the majority don’t know. So I have to lie a lot, which makes me feel bad and can be quite stressful.

JJ: Maybe one day the sex industry will be more widely accepted and will make telling friends and family easier for people. 
   What's the funniest thing to happen whilst working?

Simone: Way too many to choose from! One memory that makes me smile was when a (much older) client of mine took me to a dinner with some of his extended family at a very upmarket restaurant. He passed me off as his adult son’s girlfriend – his son was in on it too. The family had no idea and I had such fun playing the part! We laughed about it so much later. 

JJ: That sounds like it was a fun night. You never know what situations you'll be put in so every day must be an adventure. 
What are you up to work wise at the moment? 
Simone: I’m at university doing postgraduate study, so I have quite a nice life balance between work/uni/pleasure at the moment. I use an assistant to answer my texts and phone calls, and that works really well for me because when I’m not in a booking I can concentrate on studying and living my life without having to deal with constant correspondence. And it lets me concentrate on the more interesting aspect of my work – the sex!

JJ: I think we'll all agree the most interesting part is indeed the sex haha. Especially when it's with someone as beautiful as you. 
Where is the best place for people follow you online? 
Simone: Twitter. My handle is @lil_miss_simone. 
JJ: What's the best thing about sex? 
Simone: That it’s different with everyone! Haha. 

JJ: That's very true as guess the favourite thing can change from person to person. 
What are your biggest turn ons? 
Simone: Someone who’s confident and comfortable with their sexuality. Being eaten out really well, being kissed and stroked all over, and a good sensual kisser are up there as well. 

JJ: Take notes guys because this woman is one you want to impress. 
The question that people respond to most now, What's your favourite movie?
Simone: Too hard to choose just one. One of them would be the Pedro Almodovar film All About My Mother. And yesterday I finally watched Trainspotting (the original) and I thought that was brilliant. 

JJ: Trainspotting is one of my favourite films. So many great parts to that film. 
Whats your favourite holiday destination?
Simone: Hawaii. 

JJ: Lots of people have said Hawaii now. It's a sign I have to get myself over there. 
Tell me one thing about yourself that people would never know by looking at you?
Simone: Hmm. I’m pretty sure my classmates would be surprised to find out I’m an escort! But apart from that I’m a pretty open book.
JJ: What's been your biggest achievement in life or work? 
Simone: I lived in a foreign country for four years and learned to speak the language – looking back, that’s pretty cool. 

JJ: That's pretty impressive. I've always wanted to learn another language. I've never been any good with them. I can read and write French but I struggle speaking it. 
 What's the most challenging thing you've overcome? 

Simone: I’m lucky to have lived a relatively blessed life. I think my biggest challenges lie ahead.

JJ: It's great to see someone appreciate they've had a blessed life. 
What's the best thing a fan has ever done for you? 
Simone: A client once gave me a gift that was very meaningful and personal to him.

JJ: When people open up like that it's a great feeling. 
What's one bit of advice for anyone wanting to get into the adult industry? 
Simone: Stick to your boundaries, do everything for you and no one else, and have fun!

JJ: That's great advice. Know what you're happy with and know what you want to achieve. 
What do you think you'll do if you leave the industry? 

Simone: This industry is addictive so it’s hard to think about leaving, but I do want to build a successful career in the field I’m studying. 

JJ: You've got the right attitude to succeed in anything you set your mind to. 
Finally, What's the weirdest rumour you've heard about yourself?

Simone: Nothing yet! Haha, why, do you have anything to tell me?

JJ: Sshhhhhh I'll have a good think about a suitable rumour for you haha. 

Thank you so much for being with me today. I've enjoyed finding out more about you. Looking forward to catching up again soon. 

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