Friday, 3 March 2017

Contessa Doll

Today I've got the pleasure of interviewing yet another of the amazing women who are making Australia the hotbed for sexy and intriguing women. She's got the looks, the brains and the big heart to make her a success. The amazing Contessa Doll. 
JJ: Thank you for being with me today, I know you've been totally swamped with work so I really appreciate your time. 

What got you into the adult industry?

Contessa: I've been a swimsuit/lingerie model for years but always wanted to try the adult industry. Last year the opportunity came up and I took it 

JJ: I have always thought life is a series of missed opportunities but it appears you've made sure you take every opportunity in front of you which is amazing to see. 

What's the best thing about the industry?

Contessa: I love being my own boss, setting my boundaries, choosing who I work with......and the money's not bad either!

JJ: Working for yourself is a great thing. It gives such a feeling of freedom that is very hard to find when you work for someone else. 
What's the worst thing about the industry?

Contessa: Most people look down on the adult industry, they're happy to watch porn but judge those who make it... "They point with one hand and wank with the other"

JJ: Haha I love that saying. It's very true though. Hopefully my blog can shine a light on how amazing people in the adult industry are and how hard they work. 

What's the funniest thing to happen whilst working?

Contessa: The cheesy porn dialogue kills me, its impossible saying things like "Take off your boot's and fuck me" with a straight face and often need to stick a pillow over my face because my laughter can be heard in the background

JJ: Haha I've watched some scenes and wondered how anyone could keep a straight face with such terrible dialogue. I'm glad to hear people don't keep a straight face. 
What are you up to work wise at the moment?

Contessa: Shoot with a men's mag this weekend, more filming next month and bikini/lingerie modelling. 

JJ: Not surprised you're so busy. You must be highly sought after. 

Where is the best place for people follow you online? 


JJ: What's the best thing about sex? 

Contessa: The orgasm! I'm an orgasm addict

JJ: Of all the things in the world to get addicted to that's probably the best thing haha. 
What are your biggest turn ons? 

Contessa: Nipple and breast stimulation is the fastest way to get me aroused.

JJ: Ok notes taken just in case haha. 

The important question now...What's your favourite movie?

Contessa: I'm a huge fan of the "Black Emanuelle" sexploitation film's from the 1970's , Laura Gemser is a goddess! 

JJ: Wow, now that's a series of films I've not seen in a very long time. Never thought I'd hear that as answer to that question. 
Whats your favourite holiday destination?

Contessa: The Blue Mountains, Sydney Australia. So beautiful and peaceful. The perfect romantic getaway

JJ: I can't wait to come back over to Australia hopefully later this year and try and get over to the Blue Mountains. 

Tell me one thing about yourself that people would never know by looking at you?

Contessa: I don't drink, smoke, take drugs or party, I'm a happy homebody and don't have much of a sex life outside of porn so I'm always looking forward to my next shoot haha. 

JJ: Wow that really has taken me by surprise. Completely left me speechless and that rarely happens. 
What's been your biggest achievement in life or work? 

Contessa: Deciding to work in the adult industry has been a huge achievement in itself

JJ: I always think just making that decision is a big accomplishement before you even film anything. 

What's the most challenging thing you've overcome?

Contessa: Some try and take advantage of the fact I'm still new so always needing to do my background research with potential gig's

JJ: I think there are a few unscrupulous people out there always looking to take advantage of new girls but I find in Australia the girls are very supportive of each other and give advice to each other etc. 
What's the best thing a fan has ever done for you? 

Contessa: Tattooed my name on his inner forearm, sweet (and kinda creepy) 

JJ: You could have told me that before I had it done .... I'm joking in case anyone was wondering haha. 
What's one bit of advice for anyone wanting to get into the adult industry? 

Contessa: Save your money and don't get caught up in the party scene. 

JJ: Great advice. This work doesn't last forever. Be smart and treat it like a business. 
What do you think you'll do if you leave the industry? 

Contessa: Settle down get married and raise a family 

JJ: I accept your proposal. When do we get married?? Haha. 

Finally, What's the weirdest rumour you've heard about yourself?

Contessa: I was "groomed" into the porn industry by someone I met online haha. 

JJ: Oh man. Sometimes these rumours that get started are so ridiculous. 

Thank you so much for being with me today. It's been an absolute pleasure. You're an absolute amazing woman and you've got a big future ahead of you. 

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