Sunday, 26 March 2017

Misha Mayfair

Today I'm interviewing one of the UK's most sought after women. She loves what she does and because of that you can see the true pleasure in every scene she does. She is the very sexy and very talented Misha Mayfair.


JJ: Welcome to Inside the Porn. It's a pleasure to get you on the blog. 

What got you into the adult industry?


Misha: I became fascinated by sex and the sexuality of others when I was a teenager, I used to love porn and reading about the weird and wonderful things people would get up in their sex lives. Around the same time I developed an interest in humans in general, I love to know what makes people tick, what their culture is like, what life entails for them. I explored my sexuality and the industry by starting out in the world of camming, which evolved into making custom videos. After a while I wanted more fun and interaction than camming could provide so doing porn seemed like the logical next step to me, that way I get to interact with and meet new, fascinating people.

JJ: Well I can certainly tell you're a people person. You just have a way about you which makes people want to open up. 

What's the best thing about the industry?


Misha: The creativity, honesty and energy. It’s amazing to see people use their sexuality in creative ways, I love watching scenes where the performers are getting to live out their own fantasies; I think it’s magical.

JJ: What's the worst thing about the industry? 


Misha: Probably the way that we’re perceived andjudged by society, they consume our work but shun and make fun of us. It’s a weird paradox for me; people love our creative output and hard work but treat us like we’re aliens. I’d love for us to all become more humanised in the public sphere, I think it would benefit us so much, I doubt things like prop 60 would have even occurred if people in the public thought we were real humans who could consent to what they want.

JJ: That's a very good point. I think people don't understand that for the majority of the adult industry participation is completely down to the individual. 

What's the funniest thing to happen whilst working?


Misha: Once I was filming an outdoor watersports scene, we’d checked out the place and it seemed fairly safe. The producer is experienced in getting these scenes shot pretty quickly so we can be done sharp if location and timing is right. I felt pretty comfortable, squatted down by the car and just before I start to pee, I make eye contact with a woman in a car opposite me and I jump up horrified butm out of nowhere she rolls down the window and shouts, “Don’t worry, carry on, you’re beautiful!”. It was so surreal, I thought if we ever got caught the person would be horrified but instead this lady wanted us to just carry on.

JJ: That's amazing. Fair play to that woman. I really hope one day she stumbles across this interview and smiles. 

What are you up to work wise at the moment? 


Misha: I have some things lined up with fakehub at the moment, which is exciting. I’ve got some shoots lined up in mainland Europe with a bunch of interesting producers and artists too. I’m trying to focus on producing my own stuff at the moment as well, I find creating my own visions to be very fulfilling. 

JJ: Sounds like you're keeping yourself very busy. I'm not surprised you're in demand though as your work is brilliant. 

Where is the best place for people follow you online? 


Misha: Follow me on twitter: @mishamayfair

JJ: What's the best thing about sex? 


Misha: The variety of it all, it gets a bit boring when the only flavour you have is vanilla.

JJ: Very good answer. I've never been the vanilla kind of guy myself haha. 

What are your biggest turn ons


Misha: Choking, honestly, literally just anything dominant at this point. 

JJ: Just when I think you can't be any more perfect you spring that on me. How is a man supposed to concentrate haha. 

The question which will decide if we get married or not is, What's your favourite movie?


Misha: The Silence of The Lambs, amazing dialogue and Hannibal Lecter is a babe. Also, Fear and Loathing!

JJ: OK, so how do you feel about an autumn wedding?? Haha. Great choices. You have great taste in films. 


Whats your favourite holiday destination?


Misha: Barcelona! It’s a beautiful, laid-back city next to the warm Mediterranean Sea. You can always get up to some kind of adventure there, it’s just that kind of town.

JJ: I love Barcelona. I've been a few times and every time I go back I seem to have even more fun than the time before. 

Tell me one thing about yourself that people would never know by looking at you?


Misha: I think it’s the extent to which I’m nerdy, I don’t think when people look at me they expect me to be the kind of person with a collection of cartoon porn in their bedroom.

JJ: I'm coming round I must see this collection. It sounds like a fun way to spend a day. 

What's been your biggest achievement in life or work? 


Misha: I composed some contemporary classical music without any formal training last year and I’m still stoked about it.

JJ: Wow that's awesome. Well done. I'm very impressed indeed. I hope I get to hear it sometime. 

What's the most challenging thing you've overcome? 


Misha: Probably being an oddball in general, you tend to feel as if you have to work really hard to make people understand you or to fit in. The key thing is that you don’t have to fit in, it’s really better that you don’t, that you stick to your true self. It was hard to overcome because self-acceptance really isn’t easy.

JJ: Well I'm glad you stayed who you are because you're an amazing, funny and intelligent woman and you love cool things hehe. 

What's the best thing a fan has ever done?


Misha: Gifts, any gifts at all, I’m always so thankful for them! Along with suggestions for people and production companies I should shoot with. I think the fans really dictate more of what happens than people realise, it’s fantastic.

JJ: It's brilliant that you have an appreciation for your fans. It's great to see. 

What's one bit of advice for anyone wanting to get into the adult industry? 


Misha: Make your own branding, do it the way you want to do it, there’s no ‘correct’ way to handle yourself in the biz. Also, consider the fact your brother, sister, father, mother etc will probably end up seeing you with a dick up your butt. Really think about that.

JJ: That's the best and most concise way or saying that. I love it. I think branding is becoming more and more important in today's industry. 

What do you think you'll do if you leave the industry? 


Misha: Make art or live off the grid in Alaska or Greenland, maybe a mix of the 2.

JJ: If you go off the grid I'm coming with you. I've always been interested in leaving it all behind. 

Finally, What's the weirdest rumour you've heard about yourself?


Misha: I have no idea where to start with that one, once I read a thread on facebook that some people from my hometown made about me, which seems natural as being a porn actress from a small town instantly attracts gossip. Someone was pretty adamant that I never went to art school and that I put an apple up my butt when I still lived in my hometown. Sometimes I wish I never had that student debt and had such a malleable butthole.

JJ: Hahahaha sorry I can't stop laughing. That's awesome. What a very random rumour. Of all the things you could say someone could say you shoved up your butt. I didn't really an apple a day to keep the doctor away was meant to be done anally haha. 

Thank you so much for being with me today. It's been amazing and has certainly put a spring in my step. I look forward to more of your work and seeing your cartoon porn collection soon. 

*** all pictures were taken by the talented Netti Hurley***





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