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Alix Lovell

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing one of the most honest, beautiful, talented and hard working women I've have the pleasure of meeting. She's the incredible Alix Lovell 


JJ: Welcome to Inside the Porn. This is an inteview I've looked forward to this for a while. 

What got you into the adult industry?


Alix: Well it was a series of things and events. I had always been aware of Porn of course. I enjoyed watching it at a very inappropriate age haha never had an issue with it although my generation is much more accepting in general of sexuality being expressed, however never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be doing It. My home town is small and there's not much to do. I was going to college full time and working and building up debt and struggling. My old high school best friend started Porn when she was 18 but I hadn't known that until we were like 20. She had gotten out and been out for years already when I decided October of 2015 that I would give it a shot. My parents and I were not getting along they wanted me out and I had to survive. Much like many other girls I thought I could go in and walk out rolling in the dough and it would be so easy to just have fun and have sex cause I already loved doing that anyway why not stack cash doing it, plus it's easy and I am good at it and had some knowledge of the industry already from my friends.

JJ: Well it seems that the path you followed has worked out quite well for you. Not only are you doing something you enjoy you're also very good at what you do. 

What's the best thing about the adult industry?

Alix: So the industry was much different then I had expected haha and that's the norm, you do realize with a quickness this is much more difficult and challenging and actual work you're putting in, then with your normal sex session with a boyfriend at home.

Even after realizing the money is not as epic as you think the work is a lot harder physically and time consuming but also you have to be able to network and pay attention and take direction and have patience. These are surprisingly for me the best things about the industry. I came in thinking oh easy cash I'll do it until I'm bored or had enough and over it. Not knowing I would fall in love and become passionate about it because it's constantly challenging me and testing me and my limits while I am also creating what I truly believe is art.

JJ: I think porn is art and when performers approach it like that then they truly destined to create some truly spectacular work. 


What's the worst thing about the adult industry? 

Alix: To me the worst part about the industry is not having a group to protect us. Like mainstream has and most other industries have. Look this industry is just like any other you have the good people and the shitty people. This never changes any where in the world. However most industries do have a group to ensure bad things happen less and that you can feel safe from the bad people. At the end of the day this industry is not for the weak or the passive or the faint of heart. With no one to support us when bad manipulating people try to do harmful shit, you need to be a confident strong independent person with facts and knowledge to back you up. I can't stress this enough! I have not had any bad experiences like some we have all heard of. Only good stories to tell. The reason why is the people who pull that crap know better then to try me and if they don't they learn quick lol this is something that could be solved though and shouldn't be a reflection on the industry as a whole. All my experiences have been very pleasant and enjoyable! 

JJ; What's the funniest thing to happen whilst working?

Alix:It was a gonzo style. So it was all suppose to be me twerking for a long time as the intro lol and making my cheeks clap and flirting with the viewers through the camera. So the director said to twerk as long as I can on the couch and when I felt awkward and silly like it's been to long just keep twerking lol so I did and while I was on the couch bent down and twerking the entire couch collapsed under me and I screamed and it made a loud smack on the ground. I had apparently been twerking so hard I broke the leg off of the couch haha

JJ: Now that's some very impressive twerking. I will be waiting for a demonstration next time I'm over there. 


 What are you doing now work wise?

Alix: I shoot when I can, I'm represented by Shy Love with theVIPconnect so I do all my bookings and I also do the live show with Eric John  for erotique entertainment usually like twice a month. I recently finally signed up to try out camming and I go to the conventions when they come up. In the future I would like to keep shooting and maybe feature dance as well.

JJ: I think people will be keeping you busy moving forward. You're an incredible performer. 

Where is the best place for people follow you online?

Alix:Everyone can follow me @xAlixLovellx that's for my instagram and twitter.

JJ: I can't recommend following Alix on both as she posts amazing things and I guarantee you won't be disappointed. 

What's the best thing about sex?

Alix: The best thing about sex for me is the feeling of how the person touches you and fucks you and caresses you. When I say feeling I don't mean physical I mean feeling like the aura they give off I guess, it's the best way I can describe it. Feeling that aura of how badly they want you and how intense that animalistic side of us gets when we are feeling every inch of that other person wanting to touch, fuck and kiss every inch of you. It's a total high for me to sense that coming off of another person. 

JJ: I understand what you're saying completely. You have hit the nail on the head completely. 


What are your biggest turn ons?

Alix: My biggest turn on is knowing I am pleasing the person I am with it's simple and common but true. I think some of the best sexual experiences are had when both people are most concerned with bringing pleasure to the other person. 

If I am doing something the person doesn't like I can sense it and it makes me almost upset to the point I'll ask what can I do to make it more pleasurable. Show me how for your body.

JJ: It shows a great intuition to be able to recognise the need to change during sex to optimise the other persons pleasure. It's an amazing thing and anyone who gets to be with you should consider themselves very lucky. 


The question everyone looks forward to now, what's your favourite movie?

Alix: My favorite movie, hands down, is A Nightmare on Elm Street! First horror film when I was 5 and I was hooked on horror movies ever since! 

Such creative ways of terrorizing people haha

JJ: What an amazing choice. You are a woman after my own heart. I'm just going to linger around until you agree to marry me. You just keep getting better and better haha. 

Whats your favourite holiday destination?

Alix: I don't really have a favorite holiday destination, I guess where ever my closest loved ones are that's where I like to be. Anywhere with snow would be dope though.

JJ: That's a great answer. I couldn't agree more with you. 

Tell me one thing about yourself that people would never know by looking at you?

Alix: Well they might know after reading this, but I do not fit the stereo types at all of a porn star haha while my looks say bimbo dumb blonde with daddy issues, in reality I love my dad and mom I have the greatest dad in the world, I am an educated and intellectual thinker, was a straight A student in high school and college. I don't do any drugs ever unless you consider an occasional social drink a drug. Otherwise I am all about the sober life, don't party or smoke weed. So I'm the smart nerdy good girl really that just happens to love sex a lot haha. 

JJ: You're trying your best to get me to marry you at the moment. I must insist you try to lessen your amazingness haha. 


What's been your biggest achievement in life or work?  

Alix: Honestly getting into porn was a huge one and some might say it's not an achievement it's just sex but I am proud and I say to those people, try it yourself and then come back and let me know how easy it is to get in and then manage to stay relevant and continue to rise as well. Getting in on its own was a massive achievement in my book and it didn't happen over night for me. Although I have had lots of amazing academic achievements as well they pale in comparison to the struggle I endured this year getting in Porn.

JJ: It's great that you talk honestly about just how hard it was to get into the industry and then to keep relevant. People should see it's not as easy as they think. It takes a lot of hard work. 


What's the most challenging thing you've overcome?

Alix: The most challenging thing I have over come is a deep one, I won't go into lots of detail but I did struggle with mental illness due to PTSD from some stuff in my child hood, I would say overcoming the mental hell I endured years before Porn, was a challenge I overcame. I chose to not be a victim and I chose to become a happy healthy person by working everyday at it and learning to forgive others and learning to love me for me. I'm a lot of things today I am so proud of but I wouldn't be this amazing version of myself without going through the worst times. Pretty much nothing in life after my experiences I have had can get me down. I focus on positive vibes and happiness cause no matter what's happening I have seen the worst, I'm grateful everyday I am alive and breathing, happiness just for that can get me through a bad day. 

JJ: The fact you have overcame your bad times when you were younger and you made the decision to not let this bad times break you and have used it to fuel your success is very commendable. You're an incredible woman who should be a shining example to people. 


What's the best thing a fan has ever done?

Alix: My true fans are loyal on my social media, I think the best thing the select few true ones do is continue to just be there, to retweet my shit to tag me in things to just ask how I have been. Rating me on freeones and pornhub. These are all things producers see and it's a part of what keeps them wanting to book you is a strong fan base. Consistency in following my every move is the best because it keeps me doing what I love. I will take this loyalty over a handbag and shoes any day! Just so long as they are paying to watch me haha no pay no career for me so I do need that.

JJ: Well everyone should be paying for their porn as people work so hard to create the content, your content is of the highest standard too so I encourage everyone to go purchase your scenes. 


What's one bit of advice for anyone wanting to get into the adult industry? 

Alix: My advice is expect lots of hard work physically emotionally, and mentally, expect a transformation externally and internally, expect hard times and lots of dedication and patience. 

Make sure you educate yourself on the industry at least for a year before actually joining. 

JJ: Fantastic advice. I always say you can't be too educated about the industry. 

What do you think you'll do if you leave the industry?

Alix: I won't leave the industry haha like unless I got black listed and I totally wouldn't haha I won't leave it, I'll do stuff behind the camera and I'll have my own site and products but I am in this for life. Although that said I also plan to invest in houses and rent them out, just to keep a consistent income flowing no matter where my business ventures in Porn take me. That's just smart to do for cushion can the unexpected does occasionally happen.

JJ: It seems you have a firm plan in place which is an amazing thing to see. I'm also glad to see you have no intention of you leaving the industry. You're a credit to the work. 


Finally, what's the weirdest rumour you've heard about yourself?

Alix: That I am obsessed and like in love fan crazy about Alex Chance haha in fact it's the only crazy rumor I have heard about myself. I like her and I complimented her for being successful in Porn as a thicker woman. I being thick myself felt I wanted to pay that respect to her but some how I turned into a stalker fan haha. 

It's fine though I just laughed it off

JJ: Haha I love how some things can get blown all out of proportion. But I can understand about Alex Chance haha. 

Thank you so much for being with me today. You're an amazing woman who has truly captivated me today and I look forward to learning more about you over time. 


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