Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Guest Columnist Alix Lovell

I first want to start by saying I am so grateful to have a platform to express my opinions and vision for the adult industry on! 

My first topic I wanted to dive into is the common questions I hear often from the civilian population outside of the industry. People constantly ask about the safety levels as far as emotionally, mentally and with people physically harming you. 
(NOT STDs that's its own entire topic) 

We have all heard the bad stories on those documentaries. So this is unfortunately the face of the industry that the people are seeing. Most don't have information to go on other than a couple of horror stories. I want to educate the public to realize what we are doing is not harming every person coming in, also to gain a better understanding and respect for the actual hard work being done and how it's helping a lot of people as well. I have spoken with people who wanted to possibly join the industry but were so indecisive due to the stigma that continues to gloom over us. We have all heard it before you can't judge a book by its cover, for now our cover is a misrepresentation of the industry as a whole. 
We have seen and heard a few stories that went wrong, but in comparison to how many performers there are and how many success stories we hear there has not been a real fair representation on both sides. I think of one success story I hear often and that's Nina Hartley(one of my most looked up to power house women in the industry). However this is only one story. I have met incredible men and women in this industry that are happier and healthier than people I know out of the industry but no one seems to want to hear their stories. So it comes back down to people  focusing on the bad when we are no different than any other industry when it comes to good and bad people. 

I put it so eloquently to a friend recently, I believe not only the adult entertainment industry but the mainstream industry as well and specifically fame, has a way of bringing everyone's shit to the surface. It's a tool not good nor bad but has a function, it forces you to face truths about yourself, possibly more so with adult work because your dealing with facing deep-rooted things for a lot of people when it comes to physical intimacy. No one is perfect in or out of adult film we all carry problems. So my opinion is once you grab this tool if you aren't prepared to transform and use it to turn into the best version of you and face yourself then you can take it in a very ugly direction. 

This is not meant for everyone to do! I also need to clarify that clearly! Just like every other industry. Some people are meant to be a fireman,or a funeral director, or a neurosurgeon etc. but I have heard multiple times people say "he/she just has it" that "it" is important to have before anyone grabs this tool! Also why I am a firm believer in spending lots of time educating yourself before making the choice. So the ones who grab on and confront who they really are and own it they turn into the most remarkable people on the plant. Again this goes for any one who meets fame. We have seen hot messes in all entertainment categories but we also see amazing people pull out things in them they otherwise may have never known were there. This is what being a pornographic performer has continued to do for me and I have seen it do for others. So my honest opinion is you will be no more or less safe choosing this industry then you would choosing any other and it's always about educating yourself first before deciding if it's for you. I think it has had more to do with the fame when you're not ready and taking on something that doesn't truly make you happy that can cause problems for any performer. I know this is only my opinion and not all will agree but I hope this can help alter others views on a topic they were otherwise unsure of.


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