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Dion De Rossi

Today I'm interviewing another of Australia's gorgeous porn girls. She is smart, driven, naughty, and intriguing  woman. She is the amazing Dion De Rossi. 


JJ: Welcome to Inside the Porn. It's always a pleasure to feature Australian talent. 

What got you into the adult industry? 

Dion: I have always been an intensely sexual person, but believed the negative stereotypes society pushes surrounding the sex industry. It wasn't until I met people from the industry and learnt about their love for their work that I decided to dip my toes in to porn, first by watching some videos and then by shooting a solo video for a company called Girls Out West. I loved the experience, and just months later was filming my first orgy!

JJ: Sounds like you've found your true calling. It's great that seeing other people being proud of what they did inspired you to try it.

What's the best thing about the industry?

Dion: The porn industry is like a family. Especially in Australia where the industry is so small, we really take care of each other and support each other in our personal and professional lives. Many of my lovers and closest friends are people who I have met through porn! I also shoot mostly lesbian porn, and one of the best things about that, is the fact that I can help other young queer people feel better about their sexuality.

JJ: The fact you can help young people feel better about their sexuality. The industry is film of some truly amazing people. 


What's the worst thing about the industry?

Dion: The stigma from people outside of the industry has a very negative impact on many performers lives. Many people think all porn is inherently oppressive and harmful to women, and that we are either anti-feminist or exploited victims. I love my work, but stigma prevents me from talking about it openly in some social settings. Obviously this makes me sad because I am proud of the work I do and the people I work with! I also know of many performers who have been fired from their day jobs, or disowned by family when their porn work has been discovered which, again, is all due to societal stigma against sex and the sex industries. 

JJ: Every day I pray that people's perceptions about the industry will improve because it's truly something that's amazing. 

 What's the funniest thing to happen whilst working?


Dion: I did one shoot with a girl I had never met before with lots of anal rimming and close ups. Unfortunately we were filming outside next to a busy alleyway, and every time someone walked past we had to freeze, motionless, and wait for people to walk out of earshot before filming again. I think I must have spent a good five minutes with my tongue halfway up my costars arse waiting for a woman to finish talking on her phone on the other side of the fence! By the time shooting finished, I left the studio with an intensely sore tongue and a new best friend!

JJ: Well that's a very unique way to make a new best friend haha. 

What are you doing now work wise?

Dion: I am working on a few films and will be moving behind the camera when I go back to Berlin next year and directing my own kinky, queer films focusing on featuring a diverse range of bodies, ages and genders. 

In the mean time, my main focus is using my platform as a porn performer to educate people on safe sex and consent. I absolutely believe that safe sex can be so hot and want to challenge the perception that using gloves and condoms always kills passion. Sliding a condom on your lover with your mouth is such fun for both parties, and the snap of tight, black latex gloves is one of the hottest sounds to me! I recently shot a scene where my costar and I fuck each other wearing shiny, black, elbow length latex - so slippery and great for fisting! I also use dirty talk as a way of obtaining and giving consent in all of my films. When you watch my movies you'll often see me begging my partner to fist me, fuck me, slap my face, and do all manner of things. This isn't just because I love dirty talk, but because I am actively asking for, and giving consent to people to treat my body in the way I need to get off. Consent isn't just necessary- it's super hot and a guaranteed way to find out exactly how to get your playmate off. 

JJ: I think it's important to show all kinds of body shapes. I think people forget that not everyone looks like a model.


Where is the best place for people follow you online?

Dion: You can reach me on twitter @dionderossi and my website will be launched hopefully at the end of this year! 


What's the best thing about sex?

Dion; The diversity! I identify as queer, which means I am attracted to all genders, bodies, and sexualities. Having sex with a variety of partners allows me to satisfy my craving for different bodies and sexual experiences. One day I'll want to be slapped, choked and spat on, the next I'll want sensual, gentle play. Having lots of sex with lots of different people let's me explore all the different sides of my sexuality and I absolutely love it. Also, orgasms! Orgasms are a pretty great part of sex too!

JJ: It really does sound like you get the best of everything. I think being open to everything can only lead to great experiences. 

 What are your biggest turn ons?

Dion: Dirty talk, absolutely and without a doubt. I am naturally very loud and performative when I have sex and describing how everything feel, asking for more, harder, faster really gets me going! Describe what you want to do to me and why and Im all yours!

JJ: Well is love to ..... oh wait I forgot this is an interview haha. 


The question that keeps people awake at night, What's your favourite movie?

Dion: This question is torture by the way! I love Blue is the Warmest Colour. The intensity of the film is so captivating and it feels different each time I watch it. I've never seen a movie that captures the complexity of passionate and souls consuming love like that before! 

JJ: I've not seen that but I will be going out of my way to see it no with that sort of description.  


Whats your favourite holiday destination?

Dion: Berlin for sure! I absolutely love the culture, the people, and of course - the clubbing! I just got back from a month in Berlin for the annual Porn Film Festival and will be returning again for three months as soon as their winter is over! 

JJ: Berlin is great. They also have great Whiskey over there too. Never a bad thing. 


Tell me one thing about yourself that people would never know by looking at you?

Dion: Probably the fact that I do porn! I certainly don't match the stereotype of blonde hair, big boobs and acrylic nails! Of course, I love that look on other women but for me, being natural feels best and I love that here is so much room to be yourself in this industry.


What's been your biggest achievement in life or work?

Dion: Definitely my biggest acheivement has been finding the courage to leave my corporate job behind and embrace a new way of living - taking steps to make myself happy and craft the life I want, not the one thats predetermined for me.

JJ:  I think a leap of faith is something everyone should do from time to time.  Keeps you feeling alive. 

 What's the most challenging thing you've overcome?


Dion: Dealing with depression and losing my beloved Grandfather earlier this year.  

JJ: I know that battle well. I suffered the same way when I lost my grandmother a few years ago. 

What's the best thing a fan has ever done?

Dion: Bought me a subscription to QueerPorn TV.

JJ: What more could a woman want haha.   


What's one bit of advice for anyone wanting to get into the adult industry?

Dion: Think really carefully about how comfortable you are with people seeing you have sex on camera. How would you feel if your mum, your boss, or your grandparents saw it? If you truly are comfortable with that, the next thing to do is watch porn from a variety of companies and meet with directors who are making the kind of movies you'd like to be in. Ask questions, be honest about your boundaries (we all have them, it's ok) and once you have found a director who you feel you click with, it's time to set a date for your big scene! 

JJ: It's important to know what you're happy to do and not do and to stick to that. You gave great advice. 


What do you think you'll do if you leave the industry?

Dion: I don't think I'll ever leave completely, don't be surprised if you see me in an all granny orgy scene in fifty years!

But my real passion is working with rescued animals so eventually when I am established enough in my career to not have to live in a major city full time, I'll retire to the country and live with a cute little farm animal family.


JJ: Haha. I'll be keeping an eye out in 50 years for that haha. That's true commitment to the industry. But I think working with rescued animals seems like a nice way to spend your time after the industry 

Finally, what's the weirdest rumour you've heard about yourself?

Dion: I've never heard any rumours about myself so who knows.

JJ: I can't imagine there's any rumours about you. You're too lovely for that. 

Thank you so much for being with us today it's been an absolute pleasure and I've no doubt you'll keep making incredible scenes for a long time to come. 


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