Saturday, 6 February 2016

Elise Adore

Today in interviewing one of the sexiest women I know. She leaves me tongue tied and she loves it. She's a model, escort, pornstar and aspiring artist. she's here to bare all to you all. The very sexy Elise Adore 

JJ: Hi Elise. It's a pleasure to have you here at Inside the Porn. 

So tell me how did you get into the industry?

Elise: Well I'd flirted with the idea of it for a while. I was a lapdancer for quite a while which I did to kind of prove something to myself and I loved it, then I broke up with an ex and moved back to Birmingham to live with my mum and work was hard to find. I did the awful signing on thing but it wasn't enough so I decided to give escorting a go and it was intense but I loved it. 

JJ: It's strange how life can lead you into things you never really thought about. 

What's been the best thing about the industry? 

Elise: I like how different it always is. I love getting to speak to people too at quite a personal and intimate level. People open up because I'm not connected to anyone they know. I enjoy that. Plus I aim to get into sex therapy sometime so it's good practice. 

JJ: Sex therapy is something that's always intrigued me. 

And what's the worst thing about the industry?

Elise: The worst thing was working for an agency as they don't care where they send you. Or sometimes they'll send me out when they've asked for a petite blonde and I'm certainly not a petite blonde. 

JJ: Agencies are only really concerned a the money at the end of the day. 

What's the funniest thing that's happened whilst you've been working? 

Elise: A guy who was going through a tough break up with his ex was seeing me pretty regular and he wanted me to bring a friend around with me. We were having sex and I had my back to the door and we heard a noise and then suddenly his ex was stood behind me. She stomped off and was effing and blinding. What's funnier is the guy just wanted to carry on. But I thought it was best to just leave haha. 

JJ: Haha that must have been crazy. Soooooo awkward. 

Where can people find you online? 

Elise: Well I'm on Twitter @elise_adore and also Adultwork at

JJ: So tell me what's the best thing about sex? 

Elise: I really enjoy pleasing someone else. I love to see their stresses disappear thanks to me 

JJ: And what really turns you on? 

Elise: I love the guy on guy stuff. It's a massive turn on. I've been in the situation where I've had guys want me to instigate the sucking another guy off because they don't want to be the one to "make" it happen. Also I like to feel that little bit of intimidation when I'm with someone I consider in a position of power. 

What's been the best sex you've had? 

Elise: I've a friend who I call Hot Beth and we were really good mates and she visited me and after a few drinks she was staying in my bed and came onto me a bit and it was unexpected but that turned out to be great fun! 

JJ: What's been the naughtiest thing you've done? 

Elise: hmmmm that's a tough one as everyone's idea of naughty is different. There isn't much I haven't done. 

JJ: What's your favourite film? 

Elise: The Secretary. 

JJ: I love that film but I can't imagine why haha. 

So what has been the biggest thing you've had to overcome? 

Elise: I'd say the biggest thing I've overcome was my own negativity towards my body and looks which is what drove me to the lap dancing. 

JJ: Well I have to say you have nothing to worry about your body or your looks as sitting here with you I can honestly say this is a very 'hard' interview to do. 

What do you think you'll do when you leave the industry? 

Elise: Well apart from the sex therapy I'm considering learning some hypnotherapy. It's an interesting thing to look at and learn. 

JJ: If I wake up at the end of this with my trousers on back to front I know that you've been practicing that hypnotherapy haha. 

What's been the best experience of working as an escort? 

Elise: I was taken to Hong Kong and Dubai and it was a great trip. It was a little daunting though to go away with someone 24/7, I was there for 10 days and it was a chance to see the world as I'm not that well travelled. 

JJ: what advice would you give to people wanting to be in the industry? 

Elise: You've got to have a particular mindset and be able to get on with all sorts of people. You need to know what you are happy to do and not happy to do. Make sure you can say no and stick to it. Make sure you put aside as much money as possible too as you never know what can happen and you might not be able to work for whatever reason so make sure you've got something saved up. 

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