Monday, 1 February 2016

Natasha Nice

Guys this is one of the hottest porn stars out there at the moment. She is the very sexy Natasha Nice.

JJ: Hi Natasha. Thanks for taking the time to join us at Inside the Porn. You've got some fans on the office here, lots of excited people to have you with us. 

How did you get into the industry? 

Natasha: I was looking for fun and adventure and also thought, though subconsciously at the time, that it would be a good way of saying "fuck you" to anyone trying to contain my sex.

JJ: Well you're certainly not containing your sex now. You're sharing it with the world and the world is a better place for it haha. 

What's he best thing about the industry?

Natasha: No two days are ever the same, I'm always doing different things. 

JJ: And what about the worst things about the industry? 

Natasha: To be honest I've not had any negative experiences yet. 

JJ: It's a great thing that your experiences are positive within the industry. 

So what are you doing work wise at the moment? 

Natasha: Porn, silly! I mean I have my site, and I'm looking forward to getting back on webcam soon too. I also love conventions and I'm in the process of starting to write for a blog. 

JJ: Well you're very busy and I can see why. You're one of the most naturally stunning women I've seen. 

And where can people find you online? 

Natasha: Well I have my site and I'm on Twitter too @benicenatasha

JJ: The site is awesome so people should definitely go check that out. 

What's the best thing about sex? 

Natasha: It has to be when cock meets cunt! What a rush!! 

JJ: Yep, that is definitely a moment to give you an exhilaration everytime. 

What really turns you on? 

Natasha: Horny quiet people really turn me on. 

JJ: Are you deliberately describing me??

What's your favourite film? 

Natasha: Mmm... Spectre was pretty awesome

JJ: I have to agree. I didn't hold out much hope for it but it was brilliant. 

Where would you most like to go on holiday?

Natasha: I want to see Australia so badly

JJ: Well I'm sure with drive you'd get yourself anywhere you wanted to. 

Tell me one thing about yourself that I wouldn't know just by looking at you. 

Natasha: hmmmm probably that I'm not a bitch haha

JJ: Well I can say honestly you've not been bitchy in anyway whatsoever so that's most certainly true. 

What's been your biggest achievement so far in life or work? 

Natasha: I mean there have been nominations and I was named Penthouse Pet, I've completed quite a bit of nerdy science courses, and have travelled quite a bit so I dunno, nothing huge, just a bunch of small ones. 

JJ: Who would have guessed you're a nerdy science geek hehe. You've got a lot to be proud of in your life. 

And what's been the hardest thing to overcome?

Natasha: no, that's way too personal haha um... feelings of inadequacy I guess. 

JJ: What can I say? I like to get close and personal haha. 

What's been the best thing a fan has done for you? 

Natasha: A fan bought me my iPad and my keyboard. 

JJ: Well that's a generous fan. Obviously he was encouraging you to be online even more haha. 

What's one bit of advice you'd give to someone getting into the industry? 

Natasha: Personally I'd say treat your body right.

JJ: What do you think you'll do when you leave the industry? 

Natasha: I think I'll program computers. 

JJ: I love that. Such a departure from the industry. 

Finally, what's the weirdest rumour you've heard about yourself? 

Natasha: That Im a bitch! Ouch!

JJ: I've met a lot of bitches in my time and you are certainly not one of them babe. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to be part of Inside the Porn. Have a great year and we are all looking forward to seeing even more work from you soon. 

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  1. I was lucky enough to meet Natasha, and yes, she is a very nice girl. Great interview :)