Monday, 14 December 2015

Amanda Verhooks

Guys I've got a treat for you today. I had the pleasure of interviewing this sexy star and delve into the kind of Amanda Verhooks this 40 Something Glamazon certainly took my breath away and opened up a lot about herself

So sit back and learn a bit more about this sexy minx

JJ: welcome to Inside the Porn Amanda. I'm excited to have you here. I've seen some of your work and those muscles are wow 

So let's get started. How did you get into the industry? 

Amanda: I got into the adult business first by dancing. I was 46 years old and going through a divorce, needed some extra money so I started stripping on the side. I figured why not? I am in shape, I love being onstage and I'm proud of my body. I even took pole dance lessons first, I wanted to be good at it. I learned all the tricks and, flips and stunts. I worked hard putting together an exciting stage show. But in the third year as a dance I tore my right bicep off the shoulder while performing a complicated pole trick. That is when I quit dancing and turned to Cam and film work. The torn bicep does not hurt but it left me with an unusual peak in my right bicep. When I started Camming I was amazed at how many guys loved the bicep peak! I quickly grew a base of bicep fans.

JJ: I'm stopping myself asking for a pole dance demonstration haha. Well an injury leading to the adult industry was a good thing for all your fans.

What have you found to be the best thing in the business?

Amanda: I work when I want and set my own hours. Social media has been a blast too, I get to interact with fans all over the world. Oh yes, lets not forget I get to have sex for a living

JJ: That honestly sounds like the best job in the world haha.... I need to get into it sometime haha

What has been the worst thing about it then?

Amanda: Since I am currently unable to travel much, I am limited to shoots here in Florida. There is very little quality work out here. Such a shame! But on the other hand it forced me to produce my own stuff. But as anyone who owns their own business will tell you, being a business owner has it's own unique set of stresses. I just want to be pretty and fuck

JJ: Well you already have the pretty part down and from what I've seen of your work the fucking seems to be going well too haha

Have you got any funny stories about working?

Amanda: No one thing stands out, but we usually have at least one blooper to edit out every film. I do like to have fun on set and crack jokes whenever I can. Especially if I am filming with a newbie, I want them to laugh and feel at ease

JJ: Well it sounds like it'd be fun to work with you then. I'm sure a few people will read this and will be wanting to make that happen.

So what are you up to currently??

Amanda: Playing with myself!

JJ: Hahaha I wish you cheeky minx

Amanda: Just kidding obviously. Really I am always training to stay in shape, taking tons of pics and shooting at my studio FlexRx as often as possible. I spend several hours a day interacting with fans on Twitter @mandyvixenxxx and promoting my website: and 

JJ: Well I am sure people will be looking for you now and will be possibly seeing your work for the first time

Whats the best thing about sex for you?

Amanda: PASSION!!!! I never want to be the girl who just lays there, I want LUST!!

JJ: Now that got me a little hot under the collar haha

Lets calm down a little haha. Whats your favourite film?

Amanda: Oh my, I like so many that is a tough question. New action hero flicks are fun but I really admire old films with brilliant scripts and great cinematography. I am very socially aware and I love documentaries, history and true stories too.

JJ: I wonder how many of my readers expect to see the word cinematography in an interview with an adult star??

What is your favourite holiday destination?

Amanda: I am a homebody, I love nesting. But a few Christmas's ago, we spent the day at the nude beach on Sanibel Island. My new holiday tradition? Nude sunbathing and a motorcycle ride at sunset

JJ: That sounds like a very fun way to spend Christmas

So what would people not know about you just by looking at you?

Amanda: I am actually quiet in person. I have an extensive martial arts background and it has helped me find a calm quiet Zen in my life. Martial arts is not all about hitting people, my instructor really worked us mentally/emotionally too. He stressed humility, self-control and helping others. Also if I were at a a party I would not be the centre of attention, I am that quiet girl in the corner, but believe me I am watching everything! I love to people watch. I think I learn more about people by talking less and listening more.

JJ: You are a really Zen person I am finding and it explains a lot about you. Don't watch me too closely though.. too many things about me the world shouldn't know haha

What's your biggest achievement to date?

Amanda: I am very proud that I made the cover of Scores 40 Something Magazine June 2015 issue.

JJ: And I can see why you are proud you looked amazing!!

What's the best thing a fan has done for you?

Amanda: I have only had one fan send me a gift in the 3 years I have been doing this, a big black dildo. He found out I broke my last one. I have never received a single dime in tribute money but it makes my day when fans buy my movies, join my site or say nice things about me on Twitter and RT me.

JJ: What says I think you're awesome better than a big black dildo??

What would you say is the most challenging thing you've had to overcome?

Amanda: Self doubt. Success is not linear, there are many ups and downs. Staying the course is easy when the road is smooth, hanging in there when the ride gets bumpy is the real challenge.

JJ: Well that bumpy ride can usually turn out to be fun eventually

How many scenes do you think you've done so far in your career?

Amanda: For my own studio FlexRx, well over 100! Paid studio shoots are rare, less than 10. Again, I cannot for the life of me figure out why there are so few good studios in Florida. I hope there is one out there that proves me wrong.

JJ: I'm sure if there are then they will read this and be coming to you if they have any sense.

Who is your favourite person to work with then? Everyone has a favourite haha

Amanda: Johnny Flex, we co-own FlexRx studio together and he takes all the pictures. We have worked together so long we know just what to do. I have done 2 custom films with Conor Coxxx, he is really easy going and great to get along with, big cock too! I didn't get to know him very well but J.Mack from Scores was an awesome co-star, I would love to shoot with him again.

JJ: What do you think you'll do after you leave the industry?

Amanda: I will always train and I still personal train part time, probably always will. I love helping people learn how to get and stay fit. I would love to get mainstream acting work, as well as be a spokesperson. I love producing, taking pics too. Expanding my glamour photography business is something I am looking at too.

JJ: So you have a lot lined up and a lot of ambition too by the sounds of it.

So finally... What are you doing this Christmas?

Amanda: Sex under the tree, nude sunbathing and a long sunset motorcycle ride on the Harley Road King!

JJ: I will await my invite haha

Have a great Christmas Amanda and thanks for taking the time out for the interview it's been an absolute pleasure and I think people will know you a lot better after this

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