Monday, 21 December 2015

Miss Ling Ling

Guys and girls you're in for a treat with this sexy 36 year old with a 40N set of tits. She is about to explode all over the place and we've got her here first for an interview for you lucky guys.

Welcome to Miss Ling Ling

JJ: Welcome Ling to Inside the Porn. I've followed you on Twitter for a while so it's nice to have you here for the fans 

So tell me how you got into the adult industry? 

Ling: I was a swinger before my divorce, afterwards I went nuts and fucked all the single dads in my area. One suggested I do webcam or porn, but I already had a job. But when I had to start being at home more for my family and still had to pay the legal bills. I looked for stay at home work for single moms, so camming made sense. Then the porn studios found me on Twitter and i said fuck it lets do it. 

JJ: Sometimes things happen for a reason and tough times can lead to some of the best times you could ever have

What do you love most about the industry? 

Ling: the best things are the gift cards and the orgasms haha
JJ: can't say fairer than that 
And the worse things about the industry? 

Ling: After my recent car wreck, all I could think about was I can't die, because the police, my parents or my kids would have to do an inventory of my room where I Cam and I hadn't cleared the popped balloon mess and dildos yet

JJ: I bet you clear up every time before you go out now and we are all glad you're ok after the wreck.

Have you got any funny stories about when you've been working? 

Ling: Missionaries knocked on my door I'm the middle of a cam show. I was so pissed at their persistent door bell skills, I answers the door in only a garter belt and stockings. My viewers could only hear the gasps of them as they threw their booklets to the ground and ran off. We laughed for an hour afterwards. They didn't even care that I didn't finish the Cam Show. 

JJ: That's one way to keep them from returning I'm sure haha

What do you do work wise at the moment?

Ling: At the moment I'm a Cam Girl, I've got 9 scenes scheduled and my first hardcore scene is next week. 

JJ: we are all looking forward to that being released I'm sure

Where can people find you online? 

Ling: people can find me at and on Twitter @LingLingBBW. Until I get my website going. My scenes will premier on, and

JJ: I'm sure you'll be encouraging people to sign up for those sites now they know they can see you being fucked in the near future 

As you're an avid reader of the blog you'll know I'm a big film fan so what is your favourite film?

Ling: I can't pick just one. But I love anything By Quentin Tarantino

JJ: I'm sure your looking forward to his new western then. 

Where is your favourite place for a vacation? 

Ling: Southern California. I grew up there but I took it for granted. 

JJ: Yeah I hear that a lot from people who live in amazing places. 

Tell me one thing about yourself that people wouldn't know by looking at you? 

Ling: That I'm not lazy! It took a lot of hard work and related stress to get to my size. 

JJ: Well I have to say I'm a very big fan of your size right now. It's hard to concentrate haha 

And what is your biggest achievement to date?

Ling: That's a tough one. Everyday balancing whoring and family is an achievement. 

JJ: Yeah it's not easy to maintain that but you seem to be doing well at it. 

What's been the hardest challenge to overcome? 

Ling: Discovering my inner goddess. In my upbringing fat shaming was normal, so I mutilated my body to try to be "normal". My inner goddess fought back. Everything grew back. I'm free, fat and sexy as fuck!!

JJ: Yes, you most certainly are!! 

What's the nicest thing a fan has done for you? 

Ling: someone sent me cookies which was lovely 

JJ: How many scenes have you done in your career so far? 

Ling: Hundreds that you'll never see! Haha. I've filmed privately with couples and friends. My first studio shoot is in a few days with a few more lines up too. 

JJ: what I'd give to see those private videos haha 

Who would you like to work with in the future? 

Ling: Right now I do solo stuff but I would be happier than shit working with Eliza Allure. 

JJ: I'll pre order that scene right now 😍

Have you heard any rumours about yourself since you've been in the industry? 

Ling: I haven't heard anything yet, but cheapskate beggars in chat rooms go apeshit when you refuse to lower your Skype show rates. 

JJ: Another story that's common across the industry unfortunately. 

What do you think you'll do when you leave the industry? 

Ling: I'll do anything where I don't have to clock in and report to a teenage punk who thinks they are my supervisor because they make 20 cents an hour more than me. 

JJ: Finally Ling how will you be spending your Christmas this year? 

Ling: I'll be camming as horniness doesn't take any vacations 

JJ: That's one of my favourite answers to an interview question ever 

Thank you so much for taking the time to be here with us today and we are totally blown away by you. Have a great horny Christmas and I hope we can catch up with you next year to see how the studio shoots come along and maybe review one for the blog 

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