Thursday, 3 December 2015

Miss Barbie Bentley

Well I had the pleasure of interviewing Miss Barbie Bentley. This 22 year old Canadian bombshell with her all natural 34 DDD tits is an up and coming model and Snapchat girl.She is just starting out on her road into the adult industry. She will be doing full cam girl work real soon so this is her first interview  ANYWHERE!! 

Welcome the stunning Barbie Bentley

JJ: welcome to Inside the Porn, Barbie. We are happy to have your first interview before you become too famous ☺️
So how did you get into the the adult side of things?

Barbie: Nothing specific made me want to be in the adult industry. I've always been a bit of a show off, so getting to show off for a bigger audience and have the opportunity to get paid to do something I love seemed like a no brainer

JJ: what's been the best part of working on snapchat?

Barbie: So far it's been meeting a good amount of surprisingly great people. I've also gotten to chat to a tonne of awesome fans and fellow cam/snap girls 

JJ: Sounds like you're enjoying yourself doing it then. But nothing is ever perfect so what is the worst thing about being a snap girl? 

Barbie: Unfortunately it's the people as well. Most of the time haters just make me laugh, but occasionally you'll get some entitled prick that's actually says something that'll get to me. 

JJ: Well I have to say I struggle to see how anyone could say anything bad to you but there are some crazy people out there. 

So getting back to the cheery side of things you must have had some funny things happen whilst working?

Barbie: I've had lots of moments that have made me stop and laugh, most of them involve cats walking into frame at the wrong moment or knocking over my tripod. 

JJ: So what do you class yourself as? Model, Performer, aspiring porn star? 

Barbie: At the moment my main platform is Snapchat, but I'm planning on breaking into creating custom content/cam shows before the new year. 

JJ: That's going to be a nice treat for us to end the year ☺️

So where do people find you on snapchat? 

Barbie: Well I'm easy to find. I'm actually on snapchat, Twitter, Tumblr, and ManyVids all under the name @barbiebimboslut 

JJ: Well what the guys are probably wondering whats the best thing about sex for you? 

Barbie: It's almost impossible to pick a favourite thing, but probably how good of a mood it puts me in!! Morning, noon or night getting laid will put a big smile on my face 

JJ: My obligatory film question. What's your favourite film? 

Barbie: Breakfast at Tiffany's. A total cliche I know, but it's been my favourite since I was a kid and I probably watch it at least once a month. 

JJ: so you're a romantic at heart then 😍

And if Mr Right could whisk you away on holiday where would he take you?

Barbie: Well to be honest my favourite holiday has been in the Caribbean, but anywhere warm really. I haven't done as much travelling as I want to. I'm hoping to check out Europe next year though.

JJ: So tell the readers one thing about yourself we wouldn't have guessed by looking at you? 

Barbie: Well I'm a pretty decent baker. Most of the time I'm not running my day job (makeup artist) or posting somethin online, I'll be in my kitchen whipping up a new cookie recipe! It's my second favourite way to spend my time. 

JJ: Well I think we can all guess what your first favourite thing is to be doing. 

Well thank you for taking the time out to answer my questions and giving people a glimpse behind the pictures. 

Guys make sure you go and check Barbie out. She's going to be blowing up the Internet in the very near future. 

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