Thursday, 31 December 2015

Ashley Sinclair

Guys this is a very exciting and special interview today. Today I'm interviewing one of the biggest names in porn. She's done it all.
This 24 year old from Tennessee has truly taken porn by storm she has to her name 2015 Sexiest Adult Starlet, 2015 Crossover Performer of the Year, 2015 AVN Nominated Favorite Webcam Girl, 2016 AVN Nominated Biggest Web Celebrity and Most Spectacular Boobs. 
She's a producer, an adult actress and webcam model. She's also as lovely as she is gorgeous. 

I'm here today with Ashley Sinclair!!!

JJ: Hi Ashley. Thank you for being on Inside the Porn. Many people will be ecstatic to learn more about you here. And I have to say as a fan I'm honoured you agreed to do the interview. 

So tell me how did you get into the adult industry? 

Ashley: I was doing some amateur modeling that was not paying the bills.... so I joined a webcam site. I did webcam at night, it was fun and some extra income. Eventually one of the photographers that I had done a photo-shoot with who also knew that I was doing webcam introduced me to Taylor Raz (a fetish producer in Tampa FL) who was doing really well at the time and needed fetish models for her video productions. From there I had a LOT of offers to shoot main-stream porn (most of which I turned down.) I followed in Taylor's footsteps to become the producer of my own content instead, only shooting for the larger, more "well-known" companies selectively throughout the year. For me personally, it allows more freedom and higher pay checks because I am good at what I do. I don't have to depend on the larger porn companies and bend my standards just to make a paycheck. I like having that leverage and freedom. 

JJ: It's great to see how you've developed yourself and see the benefits of investing in yourself to create your own brand. 

What's been the best part of being in the industry? 

Ashley: I get to be my own boss, stay at home with my family (instead of a 9-5), and explore my sexuality in ways that probably isn't possible outside of the adult industry. 

JJ: I've found that personal growth is something most people in the industry feel. Sometimes not always for the better but you seem to be enjoying the work. 

But what are the downsides to working in the industry? 

Ashley: There is a huge lack of support from people who use you and your life as their form of entertainment in the porn industry. By support I mean financial support. People will literally look at your photos on Twitter all day, or go watch the "free previews" on your website, or jerk off to stolen porn posted on tube sites..... yet never spend a dime supporting what you do. The photos are advertising to drive potential customers to your website, the free previews are a complimentary gestures to help you make a decision, the stolen porn is just wrong and people who say they are your "fan" should boycott it (but they don't.) The kicker is when they actually tell you that they are your biggest fan and you ask, "what site are you a member of" or "what video of mine did you buy" and they tell you they watched it on a tube site or just jerked off to your photos on Twitter. It really just isn't a positive at that point. The photographers, videographers, clothing, make-up artist, editors, publicists, manager, and my time to do those things did not come free.... yet people consume it for free all the time with no consideration for the cost and time that went into making it. It's very sad. To me it would be the equivalent of seeing people lined up at the dumpster at a restaurant eating the free scraps out of the trash instead of paying the nominal fee of just coming inside and eating a decent meal like a human. If consumers operated in the "real world" the way consumers do anonymously on the internet it would probably look a lot like that. I'm not talking about everyone. There are many,however, who do support us and do the right thing. The same goes for guys going to online chat rooms and talking with cam girls and never spending a penny. Those girls aren't there to talk to you for free. 

JJ: I've spent a small fortune at the beginning doing the blog researching people and going to sites to purchase videos but since the blog took off, luckily I get guest passes now, but even then I still feel guilty. 

Have you got any funny stories about when you've been working?

Ashley: While doing a cam show once, I watched a guy take a hit of cocaine off of his fat wife's titty (who was passed out) and then he passed out. So I was just sitting there looking at two druggies passed out on the bed during a cam show. 

JJ: Easiest money to make when they're passed out haha 

And what are you doing at the moment work wise? Webcam? Porn? Escorting? 

Ashley: I hate when people ask adult actresses if they escort. Just because some prostitutes somehow end up filming adult videos does not mean serious adult performers are out turning tricks. It's insulting. Im a producer, adult actress, and webcam performer. 

JJ: Thats true. There is a lot of crossover but it shouldn't be a natural assumption that if someone does porn that they escort too. 

Where can the readers find you online? 

Ashley: Twitter: @AshleySinclair0
Instagram: @AshleySinclair0
SnapChat: AshleySinclair0
Skype: AshleySinclair69
I also appear on Naughty America, Brazzers, Mofos, BangBros, Digital Playground, Tonights Girlfriend, MyGF, Nubiles, Babes

JJ: That's a lot of places to find you. I'm sure everyone will be checking those places out immediately after this interview 

What do you think is the best thing about sex? 

Ashley: The psychology of it... the exploration. 

JJ: The mental side of sex is what really gets the best pleasure in my opinion. 

And what is your favourite film? I ask everyone this question. 

Ashley: I don't have a favorite film.

JJ: I can't believe it... Sitting here shocked lol. I guess you're too busy to watch them. 

So where's your favourite holiday destination? 

Ashley: I love getting away to relax and rejuvenate. I actually own my own yacht, so any chance I get to drift off away from everything I do. I also have a vacation home in Clearwater FL... so escaping to the beach is always a favorite of mine. 

JJ: I'll wait patiently for an invite to the yacht haha. 

And tell me one thing about yourself I wouldn't know by just looking at you?

Ashley: By looking at me... hmmm, probably that I am a mother. 

JJ: I certainly wouldn't have guessed that. Especially with that toned body. 

What's been your biggest achievement so far in life or work? 

Ashley: In my eyes, providing a comfortable life for my family and being debt free before age 21 are both important achievements. There is so much freedom and self confidence that comes from not owing anyone anything that sets that one thing apart for me. I encourage everyone to strive for that. 

JJ: I think achieving that so young is a credit to you. You're a very hard worker which should be an inspiration to anyone starting in the industry. 

What's been the most challenging thing to overcome? 

Ashley: I have a very evil father. I left home when I was barely 18. Since then he has made threats and done various things to just be an annoyance in my life even after I walked away. Dealing with him has always been a challenge but I always overcome because he is just a pathetic troll that has nothing better to do with his life. 

JJ: That's some deep personal truth there. You seem to be strong enough to get through that and still succeed so it's a credit to you. 

Let's get a bit brighter in here. What's the nicest thing a fan has ever done for you? 

Ashley: Most of my fans are amazing and actually REALLY do a lot for me. I can't single out any one person because what is most important to me is loyalty.  I have several VERY loyal fans. As you know I spend a lot of time interacting with my fans and those who are around for the long haul actually get to know me personally and we make impacts on each others lives.... as friends. I really do admire and appreciate everyone who is consistently there for me and helping me do what I love doing. You can never have enough friends. 

JJ: Friends are very important. I'm building some good friendships in the industry now through the blog not just with performers but with other writers, producers, directors etc. It's good to find people you can connect with. 

Here's a tough question. How many scenes do you think you've been in during your career so far? 

Ashley: Thousands, I couldn't count them all if I tried. 

JJ: Who is your favourite person to work with? 

Ashley: I hate picking favorites because you risk making someone else feeling bad. Almost everyone I've worked with has been a pleasure. As far as producers/talent for the major porn sites I've worked with, I've spent the most time working with Levi Cash. We work well together and he is so polite and professional on set.

JJ: That's very true and I hear good things about Levi Cash. 

What do you think you'll do once you're out of the industry? 

Ashley: I don't know that I will ever actually fully leave the industry. I already consult and provide payment solutions for many "break out" performers through my company My Secret Payment. There are girls who have caught onto the way I've managed my career and are looking to do the same. I probably bank more than 90% of the girls in main stream porn, yet compared to many of them I am lesser known. I prefer to work smart and capitalize on everything around me instead of putting all my eggs in the mainstream porn basket.  I know girls who are AVN award winners and ranked among the most popular porn stars in the world who don't own a home or car. It's sad, but I've been contacted by girls who literally live out of their car or bounce around from producer's homes to boyfriends apartments with little to no savings in the bank, yet they are making thousands per week. After paying managers, drivers, agents, and renting a shitty apartment in LA they have nothing left. I want to stick around when my shooting days are over and continue producing as well as providing advice and direction for girls who will listen on how they can avoid finding themselves in that scenario. 

JJ: That speaks a lot about your love for the industry and the fact you have other people's careers on your mind is a great credit to you. I have a feeling you'll be around for a very long time in some capacity and I'm sure a lot of people have a lot to thank you for. 

Anyone who is successful gets rumours about them. What are some of the ones you've heard about yourself? 

Ashley: Locally (my home town and surrounding region) I am pretty well known as "the local porn star" or whatever. People really make a big deal about it. If you are a porn star in LA or Las Vegas or Miami you can walk down the street and no one even knows who you are most of the time.... or if they do, they don't say anything. However, here in East Tennessee, it is kind of a big deal and people stop me to ask for autographs or to take selfies with me, etc.  People even drive by my house just to see where I live or if I happen to be outside. Before I moved to my current home (which is practically a compound) local fans would come knock on my door and ask to take photos with me. Everyone likes to talk and name drop and share their "experience" with "Ashley Sinclair" with their friends. Occasionally it makes it back to me what someone said and it is just so far from the truth that it ends up being a lie or completely made up to make themselves look important or "good" because they know me. So I hear weird rumors occasionally and I  have no idea why someone would say it other than to just be talking about me. It's flattering in a way, but people have to realize that everything you hear, good and/or bad may not be true. Just saying.

JJ: I'm looking forward to my first rumour about me or the blog haha. Although I've had a bit of Twitter hate recently which means I must be doing something right. 

How did you spend Christmas this year? 

Ashley: At my home in the beautiful mountains of Tennessee with my family of course 

JJ: That sounds very Christmassy. 

Whilst doing some research can I just hit you with a few things I found out and tell me if you've heard any of these before or if they're true.

There is a video of you being downloaded or streamed hourly somewhere in the world at all times.

You own a small chain of wireless phones stores on the East Coast. 

You've appeared in over 100 different porn/fetish genres in your career.

Are they all true? 

Ashley: They are indeed true. 

JJ: I want to also mention as I'm a fan of Paul Heyman you've been endorsed by him a lot. That's very cool to me. Not really a question just a geek moment for me. 

Finally tell me a bit about your home. What does the home of a successful porn star look like? (A nosey question I know) 

Ashley: One thing I am proud of is my estate, Bella Vista. I've worked hard to have nice things and I chose this estate because it is a beautiful location to shoot and is designed as a compound making it very secure. Since most of my content is self-produced, I have a very large home and grounds to film my kinky videos. The home is complete with a 5 bay/10 car garage, 4 ponds/fountains, a swimming pool, hottub, 2 outdoor living rooms complete with digital TV and sound, a guest house, a sound stage for video production, a gym, several rooms (some which serve as a living space and others that are for filming). When I bring in people to shoot with me, I want them to be impressed and they are! They have their own house, separate from the main residence, while they are guests at Bella Vista and the sets and equipment for shooting rival anything you would find in Hollywood. Everything is professional and beautiful and I am very proud of it. Everything we do here is high quality.  The fans deserve it and I am very fortunate to get to live and work here. 

JJ: Ok ok I want an invite to do an on set interview. A day in the life at Bella Vista!! Doesn't that sound like a great idea haha. 

Is there anything else you'd like to let your fans know before we finish? 

Ashley: In addition to the adult industry I am a Nationally Qualified Fitness Competitor with plans to open an online fitness and nutrition website in 2016, so keep an eye out for that. And I love the fans so thank you for following my career. 

JJ: This has been an absolute pleasure and I'm honoured to have you on Inside the Porn. You've been a delight. Have a great New Year and hopefully we'll catch up in 2016. 
Ashley's amazing body in front of her amazing home! 

Ashley at 18!! An early snap just for the fans! 
Still smoking Hot!!!! 

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