Monday, 7 December 2015

Elizzabeth James

I always try to give the public what they want, and one name that keeps being asked about is Elizzabeth James. This amazing Freelance model and Cam girl is driving the Internet insane with her sexiness.

Here just for you pervs is the one and only, next massive thing on the Internet Elizzabeth James

JJ: Hi Elizzabeth, I have to say I've been around beautiful women a lot in my time but you are literally breathtaking. No wonder everyone is raving about you at the moment.

So how did you start up in the industry?

Elizzabeth: I started modelling as a hobby whilst studying chemistry, biology and physics as a healthy hobby to help me focus on my studies and it took off quickly, before I knew it I was being interviewed for sex chat TV presenting positions and I thought i'd go for it

JJ: Many people are glad you did haha, nothing sexier than a woman who is intelligent as well as stunning.

So what is the best part of it for you?

Elizzabeth: It's fun and empowering and certainly boosts your confidence! I love being creative for shoots and enjoy all the banter that comes along with webcamming. It's fun building a rapport, getting to know what they like for the next play session. I'm quite the exhibitionist so I enjoy performing.

JJ: That's a great way to feel about what you do and many people will love hearing you enjoy it so much.

So what is the worst thing about working in the industry?

Elizzabeth: I think the worst thing is probably telling your parents what you do. It's a little tricky for them to understand and accept.

JJ: Yeah I hear that a lot during interviews and happily most parents come round to accepting it as long as their son or daughter is happy and safe.

Do you have any funny stories about working?

Elizzabeth: I can remember presenting on a live show with two other presenters and we were all terrified of spiders, so when a spider started crawling up the bed we were all screaming the place down. The poor callers must have wondered what the hell was happening, our faces were priceless.

JJ: Hahahaha sorry give me a minute to stop laughing. That would have been TV gold...although i doubt we'll be seeing that on any blooper shows anytime soon.

What work are you doing currently?

Elizzabeth: I'm currently webcamming and will be reappearing as a TV presenter shortly

JJ: Many people will be happy to hear that.

So where can my readers find you online?

Elizzabeth: I can be found on Twitter @elizzabethjames and on Instagram @elizzabethjames and . I also can be found on snapchat and Skype and Adultwork

JJ: What do you think is the best thing about sex then? (first time i've asked this question and blushed)

Elizzabeth: The best thing about sex to me is the tease, winding each other up and drawing things out slowly. Lots of eye contact and slowly building things up to really explode!

JJ: .......... *blushes*............ Leaves room..... comes back 10 mins later

...... right then......  moving on haha

Where is your favourite place to go on holiday?

Elizzabeth: Definitely Egypt, I love the history and how advanced as a civilisation they were and I'm always amazed by the hieroglyphics despite their age.

JJ: Yeah I have to admit Egypt was a favourite of mine but going into the tombs in the pyramids was a little claustrophobic for me.

So what is the best thing a fan has ever done for you:

Elizzabeth: The best thing a fan has ever done for me is send me drawings! An amazing artist called Jen Tomas sent me these drawings

You should check out her instagram @iamyourownartist

JJ: Wow they are brilliant, you should get those put on to Canvas and hang them up because I think they are brilliant.

What do you think you'll do when you leave the industry?

Elizzabeth: I am currently taking an apprenticeship in another creative industry and building up my skills and finances to invest.

JJ: Who is your favourite person to work with in the industry?

Elizzabeth: I mainly work alone! It's rare I get the opportunity to work with anyone but I used to love working alongside co presenters from xxxpanded tv. Always had great fun and they were all down to earth and lovely.

JJ: Finally what are you up to for Christmas? Theres an open invite to mine if you want hehe

Elizzabeth: I'm not sure yet! I'm contemplating heading to Amsterdam for Christmas....although I like the offer haha.

JJ: Well Elizzabeth it's been an honour and a privilege to interview you. Good luck with heading back to TV and I know you'll keep blowing us all away.

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